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Hi, I am working on a gsm remote control project. I do not have a dedicated GSM module at hand so i am using a Sony Ericsson W800 instead. I only need to be able to read sms. My question is: Does the W800 support TEXT mode sms? Because when i issued the command "AT+CMGF=1" to it it returned an error. On the other hand if (...)
There are 3 different ways you could build a remote control system based on a GSM radio: sms - You send a message indicating what you want your device to do in an sms message - you can easily control dozens of I/O lines. Typically the message contains a comma-delimited string representing the data . For (...)
Check sms Box project located here:
hi, I am doing gsm based switch control for home appliances by using microcontroller...... anybody help me how to split the message and then operate the home appliances....if anybody knows,plz help me.... i am using at89c51 and keil c compiler....
hi dear i have a question about sms remote control v3.0 the sms sent and i get delivery report,but no answer from the relay. and when i sent status sms i don't get any sms from the smsrcV3. all the fuses arrange by the picture.i program the attiny2313 with tnm2000 (...)
Hello the subject if my project is : remote control network device by sms over lan port i describe my project on attache Picture...' Please help me?
Hello the subject if my project is : remote control network device by sms over lan port i describe my project on attache Picture...' Please help me? thank you75212
Please Anybody help I am doing sms remote control LINK - Actually my problem is Modem Not available GM 47 MODEM in my place that's why I am using visiontek 82 gm GSM GPRS MODEM but controler was not working Can i use this modem ? If any require to program change ? Please tell me as soon as p
Hello can any one help me I am trying to simulate the sms remote control the one with the sonny ericsson T10 now my problem is how can I create the link between the cell phone and connection on proteus
Better use sms remote control.
Of course many projects base on AT command for many different purposes (reading sensors, remote control, sms alarm,.....). You can use specific phone with builtin AT modem to interface with Your project, or You always can buy GSM modem for this. uC project with phone low cost but effective (sms Alarm) : 63499 GSM Mo
who build this to ? smschip(AT89LS8252-DIL40pins) with mobile Siemens C35i (elektor 2-2002) I have an problem with the outputs (see fig.1),I have send an sms to the smschip ( ?password? SET Relais2 ) 4 datapackets are received but nothing happens? What I don?t understand is that all the outputs are set high ,this is correct see (...)
k ir is good but it wont b efficint if there s any obstacle between the transmitter n receiver,r wen u operate n open space.thats y i need a rf remote control.anyhow thanx for ur suggestion. What language is this?? USING sms/SHORTHAND TYPING IS NOT ALLOWED IN THIS FORUM Next time you will get a warning..
Hi,Dear Friend. I try to make an application for sending sms using AVR ATmega32 and Siemens mobile (Siemens M55). is anyone here can help me to make some source code that i can use for my application?! really it's my first time for me to make this application. i just want to learn. so please help me. thanks a lot.
Yes, You can use switches connected to microcontroller directly to control the devices. On change of any output you have to send a sms to the remote user
Hello, I have been trying to do the sms based remote control project from As soon as the ericsson t10 phone recieves the sms it gets deleted. but I can not see any voltage change in the output pin. I do not know how 12vdc 5 pin relay works. So, will the circuit work if I remove the
Things like: Home brew: Commercial: Google: gsm sms cellphone remote control ken
I know that I will have to connect Tx of mobile with Rx of 89C51 & Rx of mobile with Tx of 89C51. But, I don't know for my mobile set Nokia 6080 which pins are the Tx & Rx. Please help me regarding this. I have googled on the topic, but have not get enough help. Anyone who does not know for 6080, but knows for any other set also suggest.[
Hi, Guys I build the project for sms remote control from SiliconChip Magazine with mobile phone Nokia 3310 and the controller is ATMEGA8515-16PI then I have a problem which is the {comms error led} still on with or without connecting to mobile phone. Would you please give me details about this problem?
I am in trouble of understanding how the following code works .can any one explain in detail and come up with the flow chart? ; ; ; sms remote control, FOR ERICSSON T10 GSM MOBILE PHONE ; ; This circuit can handle 8 devices (ON/OFF) by sending sms message with a mobile phone. ; 30-oct-2002 V1.0 --- I start it (...)