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hai, I am using stm32f0xx microcontroller by using neoway n10 gsm module i can send and receiving the sms . I dont know how to connect GPRS to my microcontroller through neoway n10 gsm module of AT commands .. Please tell my how to write a AT commands for neoway n10 gsm module . I know the At commads for sim 900A GPRS con
M95 Quectel GSM need fast response and higher baudrate for communication so try to your delay between you successive AT commands and after ctl+z (0x1a) wait for a few ms. and basic thing check your network and sim balance to send a sms properly.
Do some basic check that your gsm is working and receiving the sms properly.Test and checked with single msg send command from PC and controller.Lcd is working fine try display simple text and initialization all working good. Then you can switch over the receive the massage part.Sorry I didn't go through the code.I will update soon on your code
hi sim 800 while sending the sms of size 120 characters get error response when recipients. are more than 5. I have provided delay of 1 Second between 2 messages. i am using 19200 buad rate , 8-N-1 frame format. sending single messages works well. what is the standard delay to be specified while sending between sms's (...)
i am working on my project that switches off and ON home appliances using an android app that creats sms .The app can also request for power being drawn by the appliances through sending texts request that can be red by a gsm module. My gsm module is linked to a pic 18f4550 and my gsm module is a sim 300 gsm module. I am using a CTL6vz current se
Hello Every one, Am try to send and Receive sms from sim900 with the help of Arduino UNO, I have write a program for that but sim 900 performing all the function like receiving Message , Calling to Someone, Receving call but not sending sms My program as follows: #include SoftwareSerial (...)
hi, i have purchased one gsm module with sim 900A, power supply section, uart, antenna, sim card holder etc. when i connect power supply to module, my newtwork led
I am using sim300 modem with Tata Docomo sim card for communication with PIC18F46K80 controller. Everything is working nicely. Except sms sent from modem are blank.If I replace docomo sim with vodafone sim , sms sent are correct. Messages received are correct in both the (...)
Whether your sim can able to send sms through mobile phones? Can you check that first?
I would like to wait in loop for sms message arrival on my sim900 and when message is detected , read that message and delete it from the system. What's bothering me is what if another message comes while I am working on this one (Unsolicited message info) and do delition. What is proper algorithm to handle sms reading and deletion?
I got two modems (dev boards) Siemens TC35 and sim900A and I cannot get them to send sms. From the research (AT response) it seems that somehow sim cards will not register to network. I bought three sim cards from different networks currently operating in my location. Commands to GSM module: AT OK AT+CREG? (...)
Hi every body I don't know How I can send & receive sms by sim 908 with programing in codevisionAVR. what instructions should I use & give me some examples, please tell me to get in & start working my way. I am a student & I have to do it as soon as possible please help me :cry:
I am doing an experiment about driving my sim card with stm32, I use its smartcard mode, and now I can read sms from sim card, when I write one sms whose content is same to the one I read,but some bytes are not correct, the details see below: (...)
Hi Friends i am using sim900 module to send and receive message if i am inserting airtel h2 type simcard when sending sms it sends some extra Junk Characters if i am inserting airtel normal old simcard and all other simcard it was working fine no extra characters i am giving the example of junk characters (...)
While sending sms sim900 draws 1 to 1.5A current.
1. First of all make sure the sim is activated by putting in a mobile and try to make call and sms.. 2. If the sim is activated as per the above step, then pls check the sim connector connector in the board, and also your sim connector pin outs.. Hy All! I bought a sim900A module (...)
hi I am using sim900 module. I was successfully send sms. after one month I am again trying to send send sms using same module but I am getting an error which as follows: +CMS ERROR: PS busy I also tried different sim cards but result is same. Plz. help me to solve this problem Its very urgent :-(
Hello everyone. I'm working with a sim900 and try to send a sms and it work properly. But when I try to read a sms, I just can get two character of sms text and then is received from module. I receive Other sms features properly before sms text, such as sender sim (...)
hello I want to send and receive sms through gsm modem. I am using avr 128. I am able to send messages but I am not getting how should I receive a message. To read a message I need to send AT+CMGR=1. This will read the first message. But to read that I need to read response of this command i.e. in turn I need to read UBR. Now the response of t
When i send sms use AT+CGMS="+62.........." > hai i got : + CMS ERROR 512 When i send sms to the number, my sms pending also. Can someone help me?