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I am using sim300 modem with Tata Docomo sim card for communication with PIC18F46K80 controller. Everything is working nicely. Except sms sent from modem are blank.If I replace docomo sim with vodafone sim , sms sent are correct. Messages received are correct in both the sim card. What can be the problem? Thanks in advance. My AT (...)
I was working reading a sms from sim300cz GSM module. MCU: PIC16F73. I did some other projects sms sending with this setup. They all works so fine. Even this one works fine too in sms Sending. But I don't know where I made a mistake with code, it can not read anything from UART. (...)
Dear Friends I have to done the sms alarm project and DTMF Controller project that two projects connected sim 300 modem working perfectly in individually means sms alarm and sim 300 perfectly working and sim 300 and DTMF Controller working perfect but when two boards (sms alarm & Dtmf controller) will be connect the sim 300 modem they (...)
Can anyone help me in this code to copy received sms in buffer & to send it to the other mobile ? I am using ATmaega32 & AVRstudio compiler. Please help me
I want to send received sms to other number so I want to copy that topmost sms in array & after that I want to send it using AT commands. Please can anyone help to out to provide the code for it in C?
Yes you can get informations about the input of the microcontroller on your phone. Read about sim300 or sim900, there are a lot of GSM modules which can be safely interfaced with the micro troller for calls and sms.
I am working on a embedded project using GSM sim300.i am using Atmel at89s52, GSM module ,temperature sensor LM35. Working of project- Temp sensor will sense the temperature and sent a message to my cell phone only if the temperature is above 30^c,,and if i sent a sms to the cell phone(for eg-OK),the relay connected to the microcontrolle
i am using atmel AT89S52 ,sim300 gsm modem . i just want to send a sms from the GSM modem without using is my code- #include void serialcomm() { TMOD=0x20; // Mode=2 TH1=0xfd; // 9600 baud SCON=0x50; // Serial mode=1 ,8-Bit data,1 Stop bit ,1 Start bit , Receiving on TR1=1; //
HI, I am trying to read msg from gsm modem, Sometimes it happens bt sometimes i m unable to read msg,it is giving a junk value on lcd. I m using below codes to read msg from modem. I have downloaded these codes from net can u guys please help me by providing me mistakes in these codes. So i read msg properly. void main (void) { rw=0
I am working on sim300, trying to receive sms on atmega16 via serial communication. When i send " *23# " sms to gsm modem from my mobile, gsm sends " \r\n+CMGR:\s"REC\sUNREAD","+919762148043",,"14/03/13,23:04:32+22"\r\n*23#\r\n\r\nOK\r\n " as response on serial port. I am getting this data on atmega16, but only " (...)
is it necessory to use this dialler to make call. Bcoz you can have good option of sim300 or SIM900. Because it is having connection of UART and also other protocol so you can call or sms on number.
Hi, i have interfaced the sim300 to hyper terminal. i made a call to other number & i got the call also. i received the sms. i read the all sms at once by using AT+CMGL="ALL" , but if i want to read a single sms by using AT+CMGL=1, 4 or 5 then i get the error as +cms error: 305. for writing a sms also i (...)
Try the following sequence AT+CMGF=1 ;;As u have used in sim900 also Now try this AT+CSCA="+XXXXXXX" //Set your sms Center's number, you have to check with your provider about this number And then Finally Do AT+CMGS="number"
I am doing a automation project to unlock door via sms. I am using an Arduino UNO and sim300 with a max232circuit in between. The GSM module to hyperterminal interaction is working, ARDUINO - MAX232 to hyperterminal is working. But when i combine them all, I don't get any result. I am using SoftwareSerial mySerial(2, 3) in my program. Is that
I'm working with small GSM sms alarm controller using the sim300 module. I have added a small microcontroller with RTC to one panel input, used to trigger a daily test message. The problem I'm having is after 8-10 days of reliable test messages, I'm getting a fast flashing network LED indication, alternating to no flash. During this conditio
Is sim300 working ok on hyper terminal in all condition such sms sending Receiving. If yes then test controller code on Hyper terminal & check it show require data on hyper terminal if both above condition work then only send data from controller to sim300
hi i am doing project to monitor & control device using PIC16F877A & sim300 GSM MODEM in micro c pro compiler. when i compile the program a warning is displayed like"RPI bit must be set manually".. pls help me
Hello, i'm trying to receive an sms on to the sim300 gsm module using arduino uno , but it works only for one set of cnmi paramters.For the other parameters i get junk value on the serial monitor screen. As per another query on the forum,i tried putting all the AT commands in the loop function,but to no avail. Does anybody have any suggestions t
Hey Everyone, I'm working on sending and receiving texts on sim300 interfacing it with an arduino uno.The sending bit and the subsequent display on an LCD screen has been performed sucessfully.However,I'm facing issues with the receiving bit while communicating with the GSM modem using an arduino. Meaning,I'm able to read the received texts by typ
Dear friends At first I am sorry for my english. I would like to send and recieve sms by AVR and sim300. Can i use USART serial commiunication between atmega16 and sim300 to send sms for a mobile phome? I am familiar with CODEVISION and ATmega 16 ucontroller. please help me. Thank you for your kidness.