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Hello frnds, I want to send sms via PC through nokia asha 311. I am doing this by using vb6. But i don't have any information regarding to NOKIA asha command list. It means how to send command for sending msgs and how to control my phone??? I am connecting my phone via USB cable. Pls help me.
My vb6 programs works by sending sms with AT+CMGS commands through samsung mobile touch phone. However the same code always generates ERROR at AT+CMGS with a different mobile set ( Samsung S 5610K). I am always getting ERROR instead of ?>?. Tried changing the sims for different operators and different message centre numbers. ?AT+CMGF=?? returns
hiiiii i need a vb6 program to send text messages to cellphone using the form controls(text boxes and buttons).i have used at commands in hyperterminal and sent sms and succeeded in it.but now i want to send sms without using hyperterminal and at commands in my program.i want to send through a frontend it possible?can anyone help
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i need vb6 program to send sms to cell phone.i use nokia supernova 7610 series.using at commands how can i write the program?i wrote the at commands in hyperterminal .but no message is sent and no eroors also.why s this ? is not supported by nokia?i need vb6 program to send sms using at (...)
hi i want to send and receive sms using MATLAB. i m using ATMEGA16L in my project. is it better to use MATLAB or vb6? suggest me. thank you.
hello alll Can vb6 send AT command to mibile Phone ( T610 sony ericsson)for read the incomming msg(sms) and put the data to MS access realy need help
hello, every one.. now i success send sms using pic 16f84a and nokia 3310.. i use pic to push hp button... My next problem is to read incomming msg (sms) and send the data to vb6 and MS access .. i use Sony Erricsson T610. i want build database.. for the system i need use pic or i can directly send the msg to VB.. can someone help (...)
Yes it is possible, but you have to know the sms protocol to the sms center. But yes you can use a normal telephone line with a PSTN modem. I once programmed a small tool in vb6 to send sms with normal modems on com1 port. Monty 8)