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Use a RS485 network with the snap protocol URL HTH's On-Line Catalog - S.N.A.P
Hi, I would like to know which protocols are being used nowadays with the transceiver HopeRF RFM12 (not 12B). Also, please let me know whether snap (Scalable Node Address protocol) is still a popular choice or not, as it was developed quite a few years (more than a decade) ago. Thanks!
Take a look at the snap (HTH's On-Line Catalog - S.N.A.P ) protocol for home automation
Take a look at the snap protocol (and source code) at HTH's On-Line Catalog - S.N.A.P
I developed a wireless network to environment monitoring using snap... But I had to do few modifications to improve the performance of the entire system... I´ve chosen snap after looking many others protocols... Let me know your application and I can suggest something more... See ya Rafael
You can take a look at RS485. Depending on the driver chips that are used a max. of 127 nodes can be realized. If you do not want to write your own protocol you can also look for snap and Modbus. best regards
It depends on what you intend to do. For a master slave network type, it's easier to use RS485. Less hardware, a little overhead in software. snap is a good protocol for start. But if you need that some nodes talk by themselves (without interogation) then without collision detection the RS485 is more then trouble. Of course you can use a "token rin
I have used this PLM in the past. You can implement snap protocol to communicate the devices. In my case I used a HDLC implementation. Here I have attached a document about snap. Regards. Attachment deleted Look below ... /mikasi
I want to do a RS485 network, based in snap protocol with PIC'S 16F84A. If somebody know could help with information, I'm agree. Thanks
hi we developed our own RF protocol based on the free S.N.A.P i think is to big to fit in a pic it was designed to run on avr mega 323 and mega 128 the latter being for a pc link and the 323 used for a handheld monitor unit and a loadcell telemetry unit. it uses a low level hard ware driver so we could drop
There can be S.N.A.P ? Look
some info here : On same site snap protocol and some code exemples.