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I have a problem with the slope of a ber in function of snr in a DVBT2 system.The slope is much bigger than it should be.What can be the problems? Thanks for your help
Good evening. I am simulating a MIMO channel, but I have a doubt about adding noise. I am measuring the ber vs EbNo, but Matlab function AWGN requests snr. I already know that snr = EbNo + 10log(spectral efficiency), but I don't know what spectral efficiency is while transmiting 4x4 mode with QPSK modulation in each (...)
I've not used Altera SERDES, but designed many SERDES in the 70's (DS1 ber Test sets etc) 1) Normally bit clock VCO runs at 2f with quadrature 1f outputs, quadrature (90deg) 1clocks should be available. Pre-Comp, may help improve snr or jitter reduction, but watch out for ISI and group delay distortion. Plan on doing (...)
The demodulation is done with a PLL, but detection of phase error and frequency is determined by stability of frequency, modulation rate , snr, ber, cost all affect choices in design solutions. ideal "matched receiver" might look like the synch
Let's say that we have a random integer generator with sample time Tb/samples then we pass through modulation and we meet the awgn channel.We set it at snr mode.I need to understand how the given snr relates with signal power and the variables i ve already mentioned.How can i compute them properly in order to get the correct (...)
Hi I have seen in different simulations for ber vs snr under BPSK modulation, the relationship like Rb=2*Fc where Rb is the data rate and Fc is carrier frequency. Can anyone please tell me what is the justification behind these formulas? How can I relate data rate(bit rate ) to carrier frequency under certain modulation?:thinker: Thanks
hi, im working with MIMO-OFDM i need a matlab code for 2x2 MIMO-OFDM . Please help me ,as soon as possible. thanks, Hamid BOUASSAM
a random Rayleigh flat-fading channel object based on Jake?s model is generated in MATLAB with sampling period of 10 μs and the maximum Doppler shift is set to 200 Hz. The additive white Gaussian noise with snr of 23 dB is used. The required ber is set to 10−3 and the average transmit power is fixed at 0.2 W. (...)
Please post matlab code for ber of ofdm with qpsk its urgent thank you in advance
The path loss equation is well known and there is a tradeoff with the Signal Bandwidth, snr and ber. In case you forgot or are just learning, for 1Km distance the IDEAL path loss neglecting moisture loss and fading loss ( deadspots from multipath cancellation) f (MHz) 1km 100m Path Loss (dB) 10 ...... 53 ... 33
Where are your radio specs for Level, snr, ber , Channel characteristics, Environmental and power specs? What reasons for your choice of carrier or centre frequency, deviation ratio. Also complexity factor, size, interface & cost limitations were not given. These requirements ought to stated first, as they affect implementation greatly.
help in plotting simulink bpsk with rayleigh model output ber to snr curve
Hi I tried a simple OFDM program with punctured convolutional codes. But there is an issue in de-puncturing so my graph for snr vs ber is a flat response. My code is as below. Please help me out why im getting bad graph like this.. N = 10^3; snr_dB = ; M=4; for ii = (...)
For particular QC-LDPC code and BCH code, you have observed the snr gap between the two codes from the simulation results. There is no need to know the theoretical snr gap between them. So, I guess that you are talking about the theoretical performance of an ensemble of QC-LDPC codes. In this case, you can obtain the average weight enumerator for a
i am currently creating a code where the signal vector will be segmented out to a certain amount of bits and i will add noise to it and demodulation and get the ber. But my ber vs snr plot graph looks very wierd to how a normal ber vs snr graph should look like. I would appreciate if someone can tell me what (...)
Hello, everybody! I would be very appreciated if someone can help with Matlab codes of AF, DF and CC codes in Cooperative communications. The case is: 1 source, 1 relay and 1 destination. Need to compare ber vs snr plot of three relay techniques. Thanks a lot.:-D
hello, I'm looking for the relationship between Eb/N0 and Es/N0 in the case of OFDM with QPSK. And also the relationship ber vs. snr / bit curve for QPSK OFDM over AWGN Channel THANK YOU VERY MUCH
hello, I'm looking for the relationship between Eb/N0 and Es/N0 in the case of OFDM with QPSK. And also the relationship ber vs. snr / bit curve for QPSK OFDM over AWGN Channel THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Hi all, I'm in dire need of the matlab code for ber of ofdm with MRC receiver over rayleigh fading channel for different modulation scheme such as BPSK, QPSK, M-QAM. If u have those, plz send to me: Thank u in advance.
Hi, I'm in dire need of the code for ber evaluation with BPSK,QPSK and M-QAM modulation for ofdm, if u have it plz send at