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This weekend pattern. How stable is it? 10%?1%? 0.1% 0.4h cycle = 24 minutes? What else changes at this rate ? Is there any harmonic relationship with 50Hz line and ADC frame rate? or room thermostat? I suggest you list all sources of error and isolate them then eliminate them. The socket must be a big source of error and you need guard (...)
Thanks, the subject which follows on from this is inrush current into offline smps's through hot NTC's. This inrush causes damage by 1....Surging into the electrolytic capacitor, which for a (boost) PFC'd supply means the output cap of the boost PFC stage. 2.....The overvoltage ringing that such a current surge causes when it surges through the in
Hi all, I have installed Cadence and Calibre on new computer. I have an error, this is the CDS.log: // Calibre Skill Interface * (v2012.2_17.11) * // // Copyright Mentor Graphics Corporation 2005 // All Rights Reserved. // THIS WORK CONTAINS TRADE SECRET AND PROPRIETARY INFORMAT
Most of the time these types of messages generated due to old Zif-socket or Damaged microcontroller. If you have another New AT89c52 then try that one or while programming gently press the microcontroller.
I am having the same problem. Someone please guide us. I'm using calibre 2011 with cadence IC6.1.5 (Centos 6.3 OS) when I start calibre DRC, I get the following error RVE server socket has not been initialized the license server starts normally without errors plz, help me
Hi, ...error:unable to read the cmd header on the pmi context, generic socket failure, error stack: MPIDU_Sock_wait(2815): The specified network name is no longer available. (errno 64). ...error:unable to read the cmd header on the pmi context, generic socket failure, error stack: (...)
Solution ChipScope Pro analyzer uses the TCP/IP protocol to connect to the cable. This error occurs because the socket specified in the "Server Host Settings" is being used by another application. To work around this issue, change the socket setting as follows. 1. Open ChipScope Analyzer. 2. Select JTAG Chain -> Server Host Setting
Many simple socket adapters are having 1 to 1 pin connection so no schematic drawing is needed. Please let us know why do you need schematics for our socket adapters. We can provide this information for specific socket adapter but not for all. for more information, please contact or
Hay i got my public ip but when i try to set tcp-ip server in socket test software using that ip it shows me error..? It doesn't work this way. You need to configure your internet router for forwarding TCP port 21 to the PC and start the port 21 server at the PC. Then you should be able to connect to it through internet using the dy
Hi i am working with AT Commands. I have a problem when i want to send data. I run a simple server code on java and start the conexion with server its ok but when i try to send data with command AT^SISW i just get an error. It open the socket but it give me an error when i send any string of data. Here´s the command i order (...)
- Your functions do not return anything when there was no error... - for linux, you fill in the address where sockfd is with the new created socket (int* sockfd) - for windows, you pass Connectionsocket by value, why not using (socket* Connectsocket)
Hello Everyone plz anybody tell me if i am sending to siso to open socket i am getting error here CME 616(network down) otherwise CME 100(unknwn) i am using MC55i module and this is connecting to my server AT^SISO=1 +CME error: 616 plz tel me wt to do ? thanx in advance
i am using gnu c compiler to write a network program. I have internet connection through a proxy(http/https). whenever I try to use socket functions such as gethostbyname() or gethostbyaddr() i get error "SEGMENTATION FAULT" .Please help me out with this
use -1 for automatic socket and don't fill in the host name But in most cases socket 9189 should work.
hi everyone. :) I'm trying to establish a connection in a server and send data via TCP connection using BenQ GSM/GPRS module I'm using the following series of commands: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP", "smart1" AT$DESTINFO="",1,1300 AT$NOSLEEP=1 ATD*97# After the dial command, the hyperterminal shows this: Wait socket Open error
Hi all. I am having problem with MSP430F147 and programming it with MSP-TS430PM64 Target socket Board 64PM. When I open asm example project from IAR kickstart and try to debug it, it says(after downloading): FATAL error Failed to write memory at 0xFC00 session aborted I tried to change adrresses of segments acording to memory map
Hi all, I am new to this forum.Through my application i was trying to connect to specified socket (any url) through windows "connect" function. It was working fine,now the problem is in our network proxy authentication setting is done. after this setting,in my application connect function is returning WSAETIMEDOUT error.I know the user name and pa
Hello friends, I tried to execute a simple socket program provided in vxworks example directory. I compiled and got the .o file. Aft that download the .o object module. But I am getting error in downloading window, "Unresolved symbols encountered while downloading:error while downloading:c:/tornoda/...... _socket (...)
I just received a GTP USB + and i made a zif socket pcb for it, but ironically only 18pin pics' are working. For 40 pin pics it says "Write error". i double checked my circuit nothing seems to be wrong. any one know what might be the mistake ? thanx
Hi, I have ke*il 7.0 Full version and Proteus 5.2 I download the Proteus VSM and ke*il Development Tools PDF I did the steps in this article but when i choose "Remote Debugger Monitor" from the Debug menu under ISIS a error window appears "VDM server failed to open socket for listening" I use WINME. I installed TCP/IP too What