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The RC circuit that smijesh added is extremely important to soft-start the circuit and prevent gate-source breakdown.
Output :80V 0.65A implies 52W average , 123 Ohms average is DC resistive load, otherwise you must specify.!! Assume 80~90% efficiency unless extra effort, cost in selection of DC-DC design. Assume input power = 60W @3.3V means 18.2A average and surge may be much higher if non R load, also in startup unless soft (...)
I can give you an example -- when you build a house , you first get permission , prepared layout, design and all ... once you are sure that design will work , then you start building up the construction ... same apply in VLSI .. for a design, front-end is soft code programming including verification , to (...)
Hi, In one of the existing design I was working (pfc boost with UCC2818D controller) , I noticed that soft start is implemented by pulling the voltage error amplifier down through a diode (which will make multiplier output to zero) as shown in blue lines. This is done during startup and also some transient events when the (...)
hello, UART was used to design a parralele to serial converter with the possibility to add a start bit , a parity bit , and a stop bit to built a RS232 frame.. Serial transmission is controled by a clock. UART 100% hardware AY3-1015, TMS6011 ... don't need a microcontroler was used into modem ... UART hardware controlled by (...)
Hi Guys, Do you all have any idea to design a PMOS with either 1 of Transistor/Op Amp/any active element to have the soft-start or inrush current limits control? I tried some with a sense resistor series with the power line, and use a PNP to sense the voltage drop on that resistor and turn off the PMOS once it is over some current. (...)
hi. i am going to design a 3phase inverter motor driver with IGBT's. designing of pwm generator- soft start-and dead time generator is already finished.and works good. but at the power stage i have problem with IR2112! when i try to simulate the circuit the coverage problem accrues.!! i think it's due to boot strap (...)
Hi, here is my drawing; i design it to use as soft start for my smps step down converter.When i connect my smps to 60v battery, it is exploding by %20 probabilty(some of ic exploding then output of smps becomes short circuit because of these ic ,after smps fails). When i connect a ntc to input, it is not helping after warms up. I want to (...)
Your circuit is open-loop control? It is not easy to design a simple AC/DC with uC. AC/DC needs accurate analog feedback control and many protection circuit. soft start control is needed too. Otherwise, it will have big overshoot that is enough to damage the circuit. MOS driving slew rate need good controlling too.
how to suppress in-rush current or switching current in low dropout voltage regulator design? how we can build soft start circuit to avoid this effect ?
hi, i need to design a multiband (2.4/5.2/5.8 GHz)antenna for ism band using CST microwave studio soft ware. how can i do that ? thnx
How to achieve such a soft start
Hi, I am working on peak current mode Buck converter.Can someone please tell me the reason for the need of softstart and how it can be designed on chip without using external components. Thanks & Regards, Captab
you are probably charging a capacitor in your converter .. this is the 10A peak current. if your cap is huge then you either design to accept 10Apeak or put in a soft start circuit. google for: converter "soft start" schematic Mr.Cool
You may use soft-start circuit.
A good way for it is to design a soft start circuit for reference voltage. If ref voltage starts up very slowly and smoothly, there is no overshoot on output voltage. Added after 54 seconds: Torex (a Japanese IC company) has some ICs to suppress overshoot in this way.
I'm trying to design a 3 phase soft start for an induction motor using 30Vac. I've used a TCA 785 chip from siemens without luck as the chip seems to be unstable,it fires the triac at one time but the stops the next. Can anyone help me in designing one including any suggestions on chips and circuits if possible.
Want to realize soft start between two switching power chips. Is there any commercial chips can realize this idea or I have to design one by my self. Thanks.
Many dc-dc converters require relatively large amounts of input current at startup (when input power is first applied). A soft-start function minimizes this large input current by gradually increasing the switch-current limit at startup, slowing the rate of rise of the output voltage and reducing the peak current required (...)
You do need a error amplifier in the boost converter. It may have two non-inverting input terminals if you want soft-start function for the converter.