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I agree that DS overvoltage is the most likely way to kill the IC. Transformer leakage inductance and parasitic circuit inductance are causing overvoltage, and it's directly proportional to load current. Thus it's expectable that device failure happens above a certain load current level. soft start may be a way to get around it, but the real pro
First current cycle of inductor and output capacitor starts really too high (e.g. 11A) You have PMOS2 input switch. Think about a soft start circuit using it. Why these currents are different from each other and output cap current drops to negative value. Load current?
soft switching attempts to minimize the transient conduction loss in the low side switch. Although this may be allocated to "switching losses" because it is periodic and transient, it is an ohmic, not capacitive-shuttle, Joule slug. Basic idea being that if you delay the low side switch turnon until the (...)
i connected a ds3231 rtc to pic 18f4620 if i use soft i2c ( ccs complier) the rtc is working good if i switch off and on the main power for 3 are 4 times one time the day or time changes how to solve this problem. the soft i2c settings are : #include <18F4620.h> #device ADC=16 #FUSES NOWDT //No Watch Dog (...)
Hi, Currently I am using a Rotary switch, as shown in the image attached. The purpose of this switch is to select a source from multiple Sine wave sources. I want to move to soft switch(s) instead of mechanical switch, in other word Micro controller based. Since this is not just a logical voltage (...)
Guys need your suggestions: I have an application where I have to switch power to load ON/OFF with a soft Start and soft Stop. At 24VDC the load current is around 9A. For Power source I have a SMPS with 24V output with adequate current supplying capacity. Now I have to choose the switching device. Since the load is (...)
Hi Guys, I have seen the soft on/off switch circuit given by the following link (schematic shown below). 74416 I have been trying to implement the same solution for my application. I have a PCB which is PIC controlled and need a soft on/off switch. The mechanical
In his EEVblog, Dave designed a soft on/off switching circuit using a few discrete transistors. It can be viewed via the link below. While watching the video last night I wondered if it can be made even simpler. After some thought I came up with the circuit in the attac
The curve looks plausible so far. It looks like the IGBT is destroyed by the huge overvoltage during emergency switch-off. The only way to reduce the overvoltage are soft switch-off and dynamic clamp. But they don't necessarily work for any load circuit. I wonder, if this is a realistic short circuit scenario or an artificial test setup?
i am using 89s52 and displaying data on the 4 seven segment with 4 4094(shift register).. Which part of help you want from here? i mean hardware or software? Because the 1st post says you are using 89s52 and displaying data. Does that mean you have already done most of the part?
yes dude i can do help but i can help in only avr and codevision avr... but this projects is so cool in that case if you are confusing with two uart then use single uart first then use soft relay timely to switch between these two uart
I want to design a panel for a 37KW, 3-phase motor with current of 124A (220V), 1450 rpm, P.F of 0.87. But, i want to know whether to use a Star- Delta method or a Direct-on-Line with a soft starter (Altistat)! Please, which one is better!
Hi, I need help to understand what is doing the transformer and stray inductance in this AN of this circuit can be found in
Can you provide a schematic because we can not guess what you're doing. Keep in mind that a boost converter (any fly-back like converter) needs some kind of soft start. The error amp will drive the switch to max. duty cycle at start-up because the output voltage is equal to V-in for a boost converter and it will not get any higher then V-in (ok, mi
Your circuit is open-loop control? It is not easy to design a simple AC/DC with uC. AC/DC needs accurate analog feedback control and many protection circuit. soft start control is needed too. Otherwise, it will have big overshoot that is enough to damage the circuit. MOS driving slew rate need good controlling too.
do you mean software / watch dog timer reset and power ON reset or hardware reset.. there are two kinds of reset a soft reset and hard reset or power ON / reset done by reset switch board. in hard reset ( power ON or reset switch ) causes the complete reset that means, it completely resets the controller, and it executes (...)
Yes it's seem it can work. Right part of schematics (diac, triac ..) are standard dimmer circuit. Changing opto couplers diode current, you will change resistor resistance and circuit will work, bulb will gets more voltage in case when current through coupler is greater. Left part is soft start circuit, so when you close switch, voltage on C
Witch soft Start capacitor do you use? 100nF? That value affetcs to off-on time. For a 1,5nF the off-to-on time is about 300us. Check last plot in page 9.
Hi desperately looking for a simple circuit that will soft start a 12v 15 amps motor about 1-3 sec's will do, to power a tug ....taking the jerk out of the switch on ...many thanks Peter
Hi I have some questions on the soft start process: when start up the external load is zero or any possible value? in general method, the vref of error amp is ramp up slowly to implementate the soft start, my question is how slow should it be? 10us 100us or 1ms? BTW should over current protection be added to the low side NMOS switch? In (...)
This says it is a soft limitation and not a hard one. We can still go multi-bit quantizer in 1st order MOD, at the cost of higher non-linearity, right? Added after 1 minutes: U have a DAC. One bit DAC is a simple switch. More than one bit involves nonlinerity. Thats the reason. One bit
How is the soft start circuit for a charge pump power supply IC normally designed? The charge pump I am designing is a voltage doubler. The output is 2X Vin The load for the charge pump is 100 mA max which means that the switch MOSFETs have to be quite large. The switches are one PMOS and one NMOS connected as an inverter. The output of (...)
optocoupler temperature coefficient..soft-start controller is gentle on loads..Method offers fail-safe variable-reluctance sensors..Circuit forms adjustable bipolar clamp..Analog switch expands I2C interface..Circuit safely applies power to ICs..Simple circuit forms peak/clipping indicator... eng raafat tannir
I' don't know Marconi 2955B but in my experience i've seen often, inside instruments, some "soft" functions available via GPIB only or via keyboard only. Try this: 1) looking and analyzing the language style, try to imagine or guess the sintax. 2) If possible, set out power to the lowest possible 3) if possible switch an internal relay (
hi. i have to chose an FPGA for an application. The application would contain: -a PCI target -a CAN controller -some dual port memory (1-2kB) -GPIO, up to 32 -soft processor, running on low frequency + ROM code -2 whisbone buses, to separately switch on/off clocks for low power. fast/slow buses, because i want to disable some functions on
Hello all, I am looking for a solution for using a push button(momentary contact - soft touch) to switch ON/OFF the power to a microcontroller based hand held equipment. The circuit is powered by a battery. Thanks in advance.
Hi katouau Do not supply PWM from a switch mode power supply - you WILL have problems. Use a simple bridge and large reservoir cap. and HF filter. Keep with PWM - change frequency - it makes a great difference. Change your Flyback Diode to a different type - slower or soft recovery to minimise slew rate and noise. Ensure a 'heavy-rigid
It is too much question to answer and need too time to answer it,but I try: 1. DCM and CCM will effect effieciency,EMI,LOOP control,but it not simple difference. 2. soft-switch mostly is mean ZVS(zero voltage switching) and ZCS (zero current switching) 3. use resonant tech to realize zvs or zcs 4. linear (...)
Many dc-dc converters require relatively large amounts of input current at startup (when input power is first applied). A soft-start function minimizes this large input current by gradually increasing the switch-current limit at startup, slowing the rate of rise of the output voltage and reducing the peak current required when starting up.[/
Hello! I need to realize a reliable proximity switch - on/off for 100W bulb with soft start. I have some circuits with metal plate as a capacitive sensor but maybe the optical sensors are more reliable and easy to realize. The main problem is to overcome false triggering. The best solution for that is maybe to use a PIC micro with an in
Tnx! It mean simulating the main hardware of ATM switch. 1. How I can DL this Synopsys soft? 2. Who can recommendate some eBooks about ATM-switches simulation?
at present,most half bridge soft switch power work in PFM,not PWM,and must have some load. such as MC34066??UC1864 etc, now I want to design one soft switch power(ZVC or ZVS) work in PWM,and output current can modulate from 0A to full load.but I can not find any smps IC or example circuit working in PWM/0-load. (...)