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Dear All, I want to design a three phase V/F drive using dspic 33. I want to know how to implement sine triangle PWM technique (please see the attachment) in C language.I don't understand how to compare two wave form at different frequency in software and generate pwm .Please any one can provide any example or tutorial (...)
Hi, I have been trying from last many days regarding the communication between PIC16F628A (my mcu) and NRF24L01+ communication module. But i am unsuccessful.. i am not having any idea whether the data is written into the NRF24L01+ register or not ? So is there any methods available for SPI Debug ? I have pickit3, MPLAB X IDE 1.90, MPLAB IDE
hi i need to tray the dspic 30f2010 bootloader, any body have the bootloader .HEX file and the pc-side software to do that. also i need the circuit diagram for that issue. any body can help, i will be thankfull.
Hi everyone, I'm working with dspicDEM MCLV board and i'm using MPLAB ICD3 in-circuit debugger as a communication device, i'm also using mplab ide v8.87 as the software, and my project is to basically control the Pulsewidth of the square wave that i get when i connect a CRO from M1 to ground, with the POT. I've (...)
You need to give more information - circuit and software. Keith
I know it's a long shot but... I use an ICD-U40 programmer/debugger from CCS, and I'm trying to program a dspic30F4011 on a breadboard. The CCSLoad software unfailingly reports the wrong ID for the dspic, giving me 0xC081 instead of 0x0101. Now, I know all the usual things that can cause the ID to be misread (...)
most microcontroller compilers and libraries have float variables with, if the device does not have floating point hardware, the float calculations done in software. This is the case with the PIC24 and dspic. also you can print float and double results using printf() etc float x = 30/4.0f; (...)
Is there any software out there that can simulate dspic30f. If not are there any alternatives like using any other dspic that might have almost similar outputs and pin configurations. I am using dspic30f2010 28 pin DIP package. MOD - ADVERTISING LINK REMOVED
Its not normal pic it must be dspic30f5011......Are you very specific about this..... do you have prior knowledge of dspic. you can implement it in any simple controller also. what IC are you planning to use.. it gives only software support to audio codec. and ac97.. but you may need a hardware also If you wish to (...)
Hello, I have a programmer named TOPWIN2005+, which i use to program PIC ucontroller.However, this time i need to work on dspic 30f3011, which is not supported:(. Can anyone guide me with step by step instructions to create hardware to program dspic30,33 and PIC 18series, plus the software required to burn PIC. I have the (...)
I need a book with 8/16 bit microcontroller circuits and someway of programming them using my PC. Anyone know where I can find this info? Motzey
hi You can use direct contact when both dspic work on the same power supply and the same gnd Check for baud rate - must be the same for boath dspic - use the same software for testing All the best Bobi
hi here the software and schematic for dspic programer
The new current software version of CCS supports the ICD2: :D do you tested this new version?
i want to program dspic such as dspic30F14 any one have circuit and software?
I'm using for a few years a parallel programmer (ICSP) with any free software available (ic-prog, winpic, etc) for lab programming and a modified jdm for field programming (ICSP, and +5V stolen from laptop's USB, programming voltage from the charge pump tripler of the RS232 converter). Even for hundred of PICs programmed monthly there is (...)
C compiler for new dspic30/33 and PIC24 microcontrollers Downloads Page - software, Drivers, Schematics, User Manuals - mikroElektronika
hi based on 18F2550 no fdti chip required programmed 16F8xx , 18F8xxx ,10Fxxx 12C and dspic here is the link single sided pcb easy to build hard ware all software and firmware are free regards Fragrance
I use this bootloader for PIC16, PIC18 and dspic: Hope it helps, Rafael
a simple jdm programmer with icsp cable and the free software winpic800 should work I didnt test it yet but the requirements of these make this **should** work...