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Hi buds, I am trying to plot 3D plot for expression : (-b^3+b^2+4*b*c-12*d-3*b-3 < 0) and 4*b^3*d-b^2*c^2-18*b*c*d+27*d^2+4*c^3 < 0 (three unknown variables). I basically wants intersection (overlapping region) between these two plots. Kindly recommendation me any software which will do this. cheers sohail
ys it will be better, if it is related with power electronics... and if u knows communiation projects like telephone, mobile etc then plz post the links over here....i wll be very thankful to u.. Oo u want to make Telephone,Mobile as a Project etc
salam guys i have to present SCR application after two days........... so plz share a reliable and an east source about SCR application that can help me ...................tnx in advanceLots of things involved in AC power control, like phase control of resistive heaters, motors, lighting. Same with triacs, wh
Hi sohail, In normal use there are just 2 types of Circuit breakers, Oil Immersed contact type and Air type. 1. Oil circuit breakers are high-voltage circuit breakers that have their contacts immersed in oil. The main disadvantages of oil circuit breakers is the fact that the oil can be flammable and it may be hard to keep the oil fresh and in goo
Hello All, I am doing my FYP on Vertical handover between GSM and UMTS. I need help from edaboard members. kindly send me Matlab simulations for vertical handover. it will be highly appreciated. Kind regards sohail khalid :D Added after 6 minutes: guys plz help me ...
Dear ALL, I am doing project on verticle handover between Wimax and UMTS. any one have Matlab simulation of UMTS transmitter? help will be highly appreciated ... thanks sohail
Dear all, How to find clutter factor in Young propagation model ??? regards sohail.