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There's soi and there's soi. Some foundries like TowerJazz have broad families that include JI and PDsoi and the models & rules are largely the same. CA18HA and CA18HB differ "only" in that HB has a ~1.5um epi layer on a BOX while HA is on a heavy doped handle (standard epi). As long as you do right by body ties ("taps") there's (...)
I got a patent on a polyphase pump which in silicon (soi) made 70V off 3.3V with almost invisible ripple. At 1.8V you really want synchronous switches instead of diodes (I found low-VT (between regular and "zero" / native) held the best compromise between forward pumping voltage efficiency (Vdd-VT) and leak-back (VT and subthreshold slope). Not
Yes, people often use the substrate PNP (because it happens to be in the right electrical orientation for a ground-referred bandgap design. In standard Psub/Nwell CMOS, the P+/Nwell (which you want for a groiund-referred design) is really a substrate PNP, no getting around that (absent soi or deep Nwell with enough of a buried layer or (...)
Which Model Libraries should i give in the Analog design Environment for the simulation of rvt mosfet models in IBM32nmsoi. Thanks in advance.
Lower VT means your channel is more easily influenced by adjacent insulators' charge. Especially an issue on soi, but also a factor in edge related nonidealities.
"Has to", must be foundry and/or flow specific because in 30+ years of doing IC design and layout I have yet to encounter such a requirement. But I play in kooky soi foundries / flows pretty much. I would pick the quietest negative potential and probably resistor-degenerate the ring bias to minimize ground pumping by fast signals (the edge seal i
... the majority of soi parameters are ignored E.g which ones? verilog-A file (.va) Present it!
I agree with Pb. Also, even with 20 years IC design experience I find companies are very picky about the processes and design tools you have used (although I freelance so that may be a little different). Knowing Spice modelling inside out seems less important to them than driving the Cadence GUI. Having designed CMOS, bipolar and (...)
Hi, I am making a clock buffer for driving TSPC (True single phase clock) D-flipflip. Below are some of the details of design: Process: 130nm soi Vdd : 1.2V Input clock frequency: 5.7GHz Input clock rise and fall times: 25ps According to my knowledge, the first stage of clock buffer should be of minimum possible width so that the input
Hi, Is it possible to simulate soi MOSFETs with PSPICE using Berkeley`s BSIM soi Model Cards BSIMsoi Homepage - Example Circuits . Thanks
Hi everyone, 1. When I did a transient simulation (with an inverter design) in 32nm soi IBM PDK, Spectre (version issued the following warning: - "Model parameter version =4.3 is not valid, reset to default model value = 3". - Then, I double checked the model version of the PDK ant it was bsim version 4.3. My question is that How
You can download them from Berkeley BSIMsoi website: BSIMsoi Homepage - Example Circuits
I've made over 70V in 3V CMOS soi, so it seems plenty possible to me. Depending on the details such as, JI or soi, junction or gate breakdown at 120V, etc.
Hello i am working on a test-chip using ibm-soi 45nm design kit provided by MOSIS. We are not packaging our die. Currently i am working on making the pads. I have decided on making them 100 x 100 micron sq since that will ensure sufficient landing area for any type of probe we use (ac or dc). I had a query: should i be creating metal blocks righ
Hello I am using the 45nm IBM-soi toolkit of MOSIS to do my custom design. I wont be packaging my die and hence will be just using metal-pads. I will be appreciate it if any of the experienced designers over here can provide some insight on how to go about pad-design. I can understand these will be essentially metal-blobs (...)
Hello I am using the 45nm IBM-soi toolkit provided by MOSIS for my custom design with Cadence Virtuoso. Right now i am working on the layouts of my design. I am using the Calibre tool-suite for DRC/LVS/extraction. For a simple inverter although my design is DRC clean when i try to run an LVS i find that the tool is not (...)
Good day! I need soi (silicon on insulator) design kit for Cadence IC5141 or ADS, may anybody help me? The factory isn't important, process 0.35...0.18 um. Thank you very much for help!!!
My company is currently engaged in 200V soi power chip development, is now looking for a company or other units that can provide training in this area , if you have work experience in this area, please contact Email is Added after 7 minutes: we can offer over 300K+US$/y
Hello all, I’m a newbie on analog circuit design, so this might be a stupid question. Please bear with me. I’m trying to design a bandgap reference circuit for IBM45nm soi. The specification said ideal supply voltage is 0.9/1.0. However, I want to have a usual 1.25v bandgap reference voltage based on this paper. AE Buck (...)
Hi,every one : I am designing a charge pump pll. I found the bias current ckt and low pass filter need resistors , but the process (soi cmos) I use don't provide resistor device. So my questions are : How to design the bias and filter ckt without resistgor? Wheather may I use mos fet woking as resisors ? Is there any optional (...)

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