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What functionalities you need in your solar tracker,that are different from other solar trackers that are conventionally used? This will get you acquainted with the basics of building a solar tracker.Word of advice,try and incorporate something of your own,rather than using this
3. solar energy tracker
here my code for solar tracker radiation. i want to make the counter to count the step so that the position of stepper motor can be know.the vaious clock function to rotate in different spped.plz help me to debug my code plz its urgent for me #include #include //port2 for load(stepper motor)::port3 for ldrs(sensors)::port 1 for
hello.. I want to do single axis solar tracker by using 8051 and with DC motor and LDR as sensor..I choose this project as my final year project... can any one help for circuit diagram and assembly code for this and I want three function in it 1st is solar (...)
Use search white field in upper right corner of window (on end of EDABoard menu bar) and type "solar tracker", you will get lots of results. Best regards, Peter ;-)
can i get the c code for solar tracker using atmega8. its uses a single stepper motor ,2 ldrs and a lcd display..
I have stuck at the programming part because i have no knowledge about PIC. and for the sensing part actually we are using 2 PV sensors inclined at 45 deg. and forming a triangle the output of these PV cells will be the input of PIC and then the PIC interfaced with wiper motor to rotate the solar tracker in (...)
I m preparing a project with pic 16f877 for driving a solar tracker and want to interface it with a wiper motor. Plz help me in programming of pic in c language.
Hi. I am looking for solar tracker dual axis by using 2 motor for control azimuth angle and zenith angle. Angel determine by interpret data collected from 4 LDR compared in PIC 16F84A. Any one please help me. My brain stuck right now. I attach here algorithm table for 4 LDR and my initial proposal too.. Looking forward (...)
I m trying to make solar tracker using MATLAB programming. But don't know how is it possible. how can i install program in controller.
The Super Secret guys on Kirtland AFB Albuquerque NM are doing research on which solar cells last longest and why the cells break down. I'm talking about solar cells that generate a usable voltage. They have a Variety of solar cells out in the lot, set up on Servo Powered tracking stations. They use an old (...)
Hi, I have problem with this project. This *.zip file contains 3 file, two of them are programs and one of them is design file. Circuit should work like I will tell : "There are four LDRs connected to A/Ds. A/D will sense the change on voltage and if it drops more than defined value (w=512), step motor will rotate the panel to defined degree( fo
Dear sir... I am S.SURESH BE-EEE, chennai. I am working in a role of Embedded design & programmer. Its a new organization there is no senior for me to guide me, so i am getting to much difficult to get some concepts.. Now i need to design solar charge controller MPPT tracker and solar inverter for all ratings (...)
Hi I am looking for a very simple solution to measure if the difference voltage of 2 photo diodes is within a certain range. If both sensors see approx the same light, solar tracker should switch off to save battery. Cant use a window comparator, as I need to be able to adjust voltage range the tracker should switch off. Could subtract (...)
so your solar panel is mobile and tracking the sun ? wow that's ambitious, if perhaps unwieldy maybe? If you have GPS coordinates, you can calculate the sun position. you can find a lot by googling. eg
Here is a simple solar tracker, working fine, now I want to design mechanical part so need your help, I'm thinking to use Aluminum instead of iron and wood or steel. below is the source link Homemade Electronic Circuit Projects: How to B
Hi, Here you can find a complete circuit of the same: Motor control circuit for solar tracker
i would like to design a solar tracker control by PIC 16F877A, the input is 4 LDR for left, right, up and down, output is the servo motor... the design basically is when the light is spot on 4 LDR, sure have different intensity of the light, then the motor need to move to the high light intensity side. but the problem i facing is i do (...)
i need to design a solar tracker using microcontroller 8 LDRs with 2 sensor track...can someone help me for the schematic and assembly programme? Check this out: . You may find this useful.
hi, i found the solar energy harvester circuit from a journal.. and i still dont understand in the mppt (maximum power point tracker) part and Vsc driven smart enabler.. can anyone help me?? here's the schematic 1. for mppt part, i dont understand how to connect the pilot cell to com

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