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you can only use solaris x86 from oracle. also, you can run it through virtual machine like VMware. I'm using solaris10.
After renew the license, I run the Assura RCX with error. (DRC and LVS are alright) But it is only happened in sparc solaris machine, it is alright in x86 Linux machine. I use same layout to do the test. Both Linux and solaris use IC5141 and Assura3.1.7. Please help! RCX Error message Assura (tm) Physical Verification (...)
who know "Transitive" Transitive only work on IA-64 ? or other x86 base CPU
Putting a Redhat ES in a solaris x86 container is a nice approach! But I think there is very rare experience. You have to trade the container advantage versus the troubleshooting effort.
Hello, Has anyone tried installing the HFSS v8 or v9 on solaris running on an x86 platform? If so, is there any improvement in performance compared to the windows platform? Cheers, Emmanuel
I am sorry the Ixl is for Linux x86 Ss6 for sun solaris
Hi I only readed that solaris 10 could run linux application inside. tnx
what do u mean ?u need to have the platform specific binary for the platform ur going on install can u install a linux binary on solaris platform. regards amarnath
There is no EDA software support for Sun solaris x86. The EDA for solaris supports only Sparc. It is waste time to install solaris x86.
What exactly is a page of memory? As i understand it, it is just the way memory is divided up. Eg on x86 each page is 4k in size etc. I'm working here with "2 page 0 memory map configuration's" Are there standard configurations or do they vary from project to project?+ thanks! Ps . Oh ya. Im using solaris here but cannot download using
The solaris 10 release for SUN x86 will support Linux application. The solaris 10 for x86 is free. The current SUN x86 uses solaris 8/9 and could run Linux. It is no way to run EDA.
Cadence runs ONLY under solaris SPARC and NO solaris x86 :(
The problem is on the underlying hardware. If you have software for linux-x86 it is not too dificult to run it on solaris-x86. Or, if you have software for linux-sparc there exist utilities to help you run it under solaris-sparc. The problem is with software written for linux-x86 and the target machine being (...)
Since there are many Linux distributions and many patches for each Linux distribution, it is quite difficult to install and maintain the EDA tool in the Linux environment. solaris is a better choice. Now Cadence began to support the EDA in the solaris x86 OS.
for i know f@stsc@n and fl*xt*st can work on sun/solaris, hp/hpux & x86/linux. they need login to supp0rtnet of ment0r site.
Hi, We wanna know that if the performance is better if LDV is running on Linux x86(with P43G and 4G DDR400) ? It's not fast enough for us to run LDV on solaris Blade 2000. B.R
yeah, solaris sparc & linux x86 have a lot of tools can run. but solaris x86, i don't heard any tools.
free donwload and send msg for demo license after at : the link for your plaform at : Intel x86 , Sun solaris , HPUX 8 , DEC OSF/1 , or Linux (glibc2.0 glibc2.1 gclibc5 ) for windows : 6 * F
sorry, running solaris programs in Windows or Linux is not possible... even if you download the source code, a very significant modification has to be done to make it work for another OS, more so on Windows... what you can do is download solaris 8 for Intel from the Sun download site...