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0201 ... pain in the butt. They float easily on solder paste. Assembly houses hate them.
Trying to push the envelope by spacing components tightly such that the pads are separated by 7mils, which allows for 4 mils solder mask webbing. Questions: Is there a standard which directly addresses this? What would be the concern, solder bridging or insufficient solder? Is the 4mil solder mask webbing (...)
I would follow the ipc-7351 recommendations and have your solder mask opening the same size as the pads.
If soldering is done by stove, I guess thermal vias is not an issue. The problem exists if you espect perform further maintenance, due to heat will be drawn more accentuated, reducing thermal gradient. +++
Most of the jobs want you be have ipc J-STD-001 and ipc-A-610 certifications now to solder I live in California and I called every community college and other colleges and they don't offer any class to get ipc J-STD-001 and ipc-A-610 certification How to I get these certifications please? I need these (...)
Hi Folks, I have a doubt about footprint design. Is there any difference design for a SMD pad in wave solder process and reflow solder process? I hope someone can help me with this question! Best regards! :smile:
For start You should begin with smaller project, later you can make some programmer for PIC and AVR. Buy hot air solder station. Practice and desoldering also. You can read this material : EPE "Basic soldering Guide" soldering 101
I think it is not really the size of the solder fillet but the difference between the pad and component leg dimension. So a negative value means the pad is smaller than the component leg, at least in one dimension. Keith
stencil design is used basically for smd.. after placing the smd on the board the stencil is kept above it..later the solder material is spread on the stencil and the smd is soldered.. board design is suitaable for the components other than capacitor. headers, bergs, etc. after the borad is designed .. the components are placed on it an
ipc-7351 covers any footprint you want to create, what ipc-7351 does is set up the tolerences and pad sizes required for heal, to and side solder fillets etc, placement courtyards, also the naming format for both the footprint but also the padstack. If you buy the ipc-7351 spec you get a copy of the calculator, worth the money.
You dont have to tent the vias, you can achieve the same goals by modifying the shape and layout of the solder paste screen. Have a look at ipc-7093.
Hi, I've read the following in ipc 2221 : solder resist coating adhesion to melting metal surfaces (solder coating, tin/lead plating, etc.) cannot be assured, as boards are subjected to temperatures that cause redistribution of the melting metals. When solder resist coating is required over melting metal surfaces, (...)
You can refer to AN233 solder Reflow Recommendation as ipc/JEDEC J-STD-020C standard.
a glue mask is used to hold the components during the solder proces. Electrically nonconductive adhesive materials used for attachment of surface mount components should meet the requirements of ipc-SM-817. If you want to replace the soldering proces by using Electrically Conductive Adhesives you can check ipc-3406 (...)
Is this document related to Qualification and performance of permanent solder mask.. kindly PM me...
My fiducials are .040 smt dots inside a .120 dia copper and solder mask free circle. This is so the optic system has a matte background. I put three on the board, near the corners and at least two fiducials for every part whose pin spacing is .025 or less. I believe this is the ipc recommendation. Also remember to exclude these parts from your
Hi there, I'm not sure if there are any standard soldering school but i know that there is a international body that set the standards and they train people around the world. It is call ipc u can check this website .
I am looking for the foot print of SuperSOT-3 Package. Can anybody please provide me the solder pad dimension for the above mentioned package. Is there any pdf file containing all the package and their foot print details. If anybody came across that please inform me. Thanx in advance. Regards, Vamanan Kutty