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I have been using branded soldering stations like weller ERSA etc. I have seen the base unit for these units. Why is it that soldering base unit for these units use 50-60 Hz transformer and not SMPS for generating 24V DC secondary output? Regards Asimov
Hi, I'm planing to buy an affordable soldering station. The station would be used maybe once a month to once a week for some DIY projects and some small scale repairs. These could include occasional SMT work should the need arise. I would like to know if anyone has had any experience (good or bad) with one of these two soldering stations. (...)
I have a new 110 Volt Precision rework station + soldering iron 2in1 station on an auction. No rserve price. These stations go up to 200 USD. See it quick before it ends (07 detsember) It is a high quality station and I have used it myself for years.
Hello, Having years experience with ordinary size electronics and making a few SMD projects using a fine tip and the soldering iron, I would like to enter the field of SMD reworking using a real station. I guess when I do that, there will be no turning back to the ordinary size components, unless for prototypiong/hobbying or when there is no smd e
I have a BGA-3000 system with no soldering iron. The connectors allow airflow, voltage and thermocouple connections. I would like to interface a 3rd party (read...chinese) soldering iron or hot air handle to the station. I can do this by making an adaptor cable or by changing the connector types. The handles come with no connectors but I would
we are offering soldering Irons and stations, rework stations, solder pots, temperature measuring, solder wire dispensers, rework station spares, solder paste, wire and flux. If your industry demands soldering, rework and fume ext tools, Production Equipment Ltd offers in abundance. You can choose our hot plates, (...)
For such bypass / decoupling capacitors in digital circuits, it's often values around 100 nF (sometimes other values and/or more per IC). Wit a small part like this, a fine tip soldering iron + flux core solder wire should do. No need to order flux / solder paste just for this job! Btw: Not correct or optimal, but it might not be a problem if
Normally you would use a hot air soldering station for smt rework. Unfortunately, decent ones such as Leister, Weller, OKI are not cheap.
Handle: The handle from Solomon (Pensol) was used in this project. It is also used in Solomon Sl-20 Sl-30 soldering stations. The heater 50W 24V and thermocouple type K. Transformer: In this p
I've been happy with my Hakko 936 but like Hewitson said, it was discontinued and replaced with the FX-888 years ago and there are many low quality counterfeit and clone 936's out there. In Europe you can get an FX-888 in black. : soldering iron : HAKKO FX-888
Hi, I have two soldering stations that do not have the soldering irons, these are the RX-711AS type (Goot soldering stations). Is it possible to buy the irons online ? I looked in Farnell, RS and digikey but they do not keep Goot equipment, is there any other reputable online company that could supply (...)
Hi, may be I'm OT, sorry.. I would like to buy a soldering station.. I know Weller products but they are very expensive. Is there any alternative to them? I need am entry level quality product, to solder small smd components.. something with a small pencil.. like this pencil in the photo. (
Hello All, I am looking for shops in London (all zones) selling soldering stations, irons, solder, flux, screwdrivers, cutters, pliers, ESD protection products etc. Please help me with some links, addresses or directory were I can found it :!::!::!:
Just looked up the SP200 from Metcal... around 450 Euros from distributor...excluding any soldering tip... so definitively NOT for hobbyists (o; But remembering tried one many years ago...really leightweight and awesome heatup time...hbut back then we only used bigg-pads through-hole weller was just fi
Yes, Weller makes nice soldering stations. I've used the two blue models but not the orange one. You will probably want two or three different size tips, for large and small work. They do last a long time.
I need a help on how to make a good soldering and desoldering of BGA chips without using high cost tooling