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Hi, I am looking to improve the power cable for a TS100 soldering iron and I have found this video which mentions a soft silicone burnproof power cable. Soft, so that it won't drag away the iron but also more convenient in use. Burnproof, because the iron is so lightweight so that it can accidentall
is there any video or document on how to solder the SIM900 type ICs to pcb? it has strange under body soldering pads that iam confused on how to solder . thanks
Hello, You can also build a refloW oven using a domestic oven. It is cheap, you only need to add a solid state relay and a temperature controller to manage the ramps. This is the method I use now for soldering small components.
Powered butt is ZD-929 IRON. A transformer was from a video on a single secondary winding 25V/2A. From this transformer, two taps were taken of 23V to power the heater and about 8V to power the electronics +5V, the second winding
jayachar88 You don't need any special tools at all just the stuff you already use in your workshop/home Here is a video you may find useful and show's you how easy it is EEVblog #186 – soldering Tutorial Part 3 – Surface Mount | EEVblog - T
Can SMD patterns designed for wave soldering be sodered using reflow process? you cannot use SMD patterns for wave soldering. Wave soldering is for through hole components. Check this video. YouTube - wavesoldering
solder wire should stick to the soldering iron tip
hello , i wish to solder small Surface Mount devices with pin to pin spacing of 0.65mm. There are 14 pins. How do i do this.? Small solder iron tip just dont get enough heat to it. but big tip solder the pins together. Do you say that the ONLY way to do this is to "blob" solder all the pins together and then try and mop up the excess
soldering related video
@vrfreaks site have this article(is better than above pdf) on soldering and desoldering smd parts(soic,tqfp) :"Low Cost SMD soldering Guide" The link is: You should register yourself on this site(that is free) and then you can access to a
I am thinking to build optical maginifier for SMD soldering help. Thinking to use CCD camera or similar then add some mechanics for tip positioning . I have an old DSC P50 sony sybershot and was playing with its video output (there is already aver media TV card with composite video input and DSC also provides video (...)
Here's my pennys worth. Seems like a video A-D\D-A fault. Check the supplies for hash (towards and in the digi-board) Try tapping the board while the fault is present, but you might have to restart the set to see the result, as its cpu might lockup when the fault is there. Redo the soldering on most of the SMD's on that board, a bit time consum
Analog Devices have a lots IC for video distribution. AD8009 is good and can drive 5 75ohm loads without problems. But the best solution in my opinion is AD8010. It can drive up to 10 loads, and is still available in DIP8 pakage ( easy soldering :) ) .You can buy it from F@rnell.