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i don't know whether i can post the links here o rnot bu t here is the link for solutions for solid state devices by streetman.
anybody has the following books? I. Ben G. Streetman and Sanjay Banerjee, “solid state electronic devices”, Prentice-Hall of India Private Limited (2001) II. Jasprit Singh, “Semiconductor devices - Basic Principles”, John Wiley & Sons,Inc.(2002) III. S M (...)
solid state electronic Device by Ben Streetman is a good book.
What is the best book written on Communication Circuits? I have already seen Clarke Hess, Razavi and Lee and non was good. (Obviously comparing to a book like "solid state electronic devices" by streetman which I think is awesome)
hi, solid state electronic devices ----by Streetmann and Benerjee
Hi, Dear Friends! I'm very interested in to know which book is the latest and perfect one in Physics of solid state electronic devices perfect, for example, like: solid state electronic devices By Streetman, Ben G. If everybody knows any (...)
for a more complete answer, check out the book: solid state electronic devices by streetman I think it may even be floating around on edaboard (i dunno, haven't checked). The book will give you a more complete answer with conceptual understanding (rather than just a formula).
1.solid state electronic devices by streetman and banerjee 2.electronic devices and circuits by millman and halkias ....lot more
An electrometer is an electrical instrument for measuring electric charge or electrical potential difference. There are many different types, ranging from historical hand-made instruments to high-precision electronic devices. Modern electrometers based on vacuum tube or solid state technology can be used to measure extremely (...)
Books related to: ->device physics (especially MOS sturcture,MOSFET,CMOS) ->initial-intermediate level coverage of: band theory of solids ->fermi levels, and fermi-dirac statistics or Books Similar to 1)Ben Streetman, solid state electronic devices,4th Edition (Prentice Hall) 2)Robert F. Pierret, (...)
solid means not easy to break (like glass in the pass).

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