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All the 16 IOS of SC28L202 have been used in my design. These IO's are driving solid state relays via buffers. The problem is that at room temperature all the IOs operate & derive as per functionality. However at 0C the behavior of IOs driving is intermittent . They produce the logic 0 at 2.4 V which is not admisssible as it is not the define
Hi, does anybody know how sensitive are these little components (solid state relay)? I was thinking about if they can be triggered just by the small energy that a led vumeter circuit uses to turn on a regular led. I want to replace the leds for solid state relays instead, so I can switch much bigger leds in a simple way. I (...)
Hi, There are ready to buy isolating solid state relays. Use one with zero cross acting. Klaus
HI Guys. I'm in need of a schematic for this solid state guitar amplifier. Someone's been in here and really messed things up.Any help will be much appreciated!! Maybe another ELK solid state schematic will be close enough if you're willing to share. Thank you!
Hello, I know Decision Feedback Equalizer when I did research in university. Now I am interested in its ASIC chip implementation. This paper is interesting on its DFE implementation. IEEE JOURNAL OF solid-state CIRCUITS, VOL. 45, NO. 4, APRIL 2010 Page 909 A 21-Gb/s 87-mW Transceiver With FFE/DFE/Analog Equalizer in 65-nm CMOS Technology
Hi, I found this thread on diyaudio discussing the same question, there are several other related threads; I think the summary of what I've been reading would be: find a reputable vendor on e-bay, and maybe qu
You say "high power" without mentioning required switch current, charge amount or charge times. Up to now it's only high voltage (e.g. 105 V). I would use a 200V DC solid state relay with current limiting resistor.
LWR, LER, boneheads, etc. Look on articles in IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices and Electron Devices Letters, and solid state Electronics from ScienceDirect. There are a lot of articles threating about new or more important effects in nano-processes.
I took a closer look at the SSR type plate and noticed that it's an AC (triac or scr) solid state relays. I wonder how it's working for a a brake, it can only work as a kind of emergency stop which can't be released before the motor comes to standstill after being activated. And yes it has 90 - 280 VAC control input. If you see the SSR closed (0
1) No, it's electron current. 2 )Your are confusing current flow with electron flow. Conventional current flow is from positive to negative (drain to source). Electron flow is from negative to positive (source to drain). 3) Holes are a solid-state physics concept and solid-state physics doesn't always appear to make (...)
It may or may not be what you need, but it is basically a solid-state DC SPST switch
solid state relay is just an umbrella term. There are different types, AC and DC relays. A type specification and description of used supply would help.
Look there: 1. IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices 2. IEEE Electron Devices Letters 3. solid state Electronics
Is it possible the SSD (solid state drive?) responds too quickly for the laptop to interpret it properly? Therefore it generates a disk controller failure? What disk does your laptop start up from? What OS? Can you be sure the OS is able to recognize SSD? Can you change the BIOS setting which tells what sequence to check disks for presence
Hi, use a: * goldcap * P-MOSET * relay * solid state relay * photo mos relay Klaus
Go for a solid state Relay. Physically locate it near the heater so the live wiring is short and out of reach. Get yourself a cheap 'wall wart' power unit to power the input to the SSR (or build your own) you probably only need 5V or 12V output at very low current rating. Wire the low voltage from the PSU through the flow switch to the SSR. The vo
Hello. I am making a SSTC (solid state Tesla Coil). That's a device which converts mains power (directly powered from 230V socket) to high voltage (100kV +). The halfbridge is made of two IGBTs which are switched at around 200kHz (or less, I might go for 100kHz or so in the end). I'd like to design my single-sided PCB well but I don't know w
solid state relays with 10 A and higher current rating are widely available, look for hockey-puck-ssr. But did you consider that the voltage drop of a triac based relays will cause much power dissipation? Alternatively an AC capable MOSFET based solid state relay could be used.
I want to automate the water filling, and for that I'm looking for a relay that can control the water pump. I have been reading many Web pages but couldn't find a clear answer. Here are pump specifications. KW/HP : 0.75/1 Volts : 220 +-6% Current : 5.8A Cap. Run : 22.5uF 440V RPM : 2780 Is there any relay that can be controlled by 12
LED is a solid state light emitting device, with the development of technology add the national policy to guide, the LED industry is developed rapidly, LED encapsulant is synchronized growth. In the encapsulated materials, silicone materials appears superior properties and becomes the quickest develop and the most valuable materials which are bound