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There's no one general solution to this, because the system you're trying to compensate may have any sort of transfer function. The method I prefer is the K factor method described here. Basically you pick a desired crossover f
hi all i need to discuss some issues first i am writing scenario then i will discuss the possible solution and later impact of my solution.. scenario i have been given duty to control HVAC.. there are two systems installed in the system. i have been asked to cutt-off the system if (...)
Hi! I work for a company in Austria and I am looking for creative people that could come up with a solution for the electric and communication system (for an escalator). In case the profile will fit, I can recommend them to the client for a collaboration. The current electrical control system consists of the drive (...)
It's a good solution for those who want the cooker hood to run independently, but don't have any steam sensor nor timer built in their cooker hood. Parts of the system: motor control relay system
... i am doing everything in IC... If the system was designed in an ASIC enviroment maybe you must consider some syncronous based solution. +++
1, USB device interface, without driver. application at Windows xp/vista, Linux operation system. 2, Low cost USB mcu , come from Taiwan. 3, The PC AP can be implemented and control usb mcu 4, Application at : Mouse,Keyboard, 2.4G laser pen. KVM. medical instrument 5, Pass WHQL, EMI test. assist UL/CE/GE certi
Now i am using IR solution and design interver system,and the driver circuit is using by H full bridge driving.and use IR2106 for driving 4 IGBTs.and the control chip is PIC18F1320-I/P,and the software is use sine wave true table value,and the PWM period is 50US,and the sine wave frenqency is 59.9hz.but now my problem is the sine wave has (...)
realizes sensor-to-host signal acquisition for testing analog signal or remote applications. Software-configurable for a wide variety of sensor types, including: analog input, analog output, and digital I/O,ISO40xx series are widely used in RS-232/485 automation control system,temperature signal testing,small signal testing, Monitoring & (...)
Hi, could anyone suggest a Universal IR remote IC solution like this: but cheaper? It's pretty nice and ~$38, but the minimum order is $500...
Hi, My name is Chirag Bhatt and I am doing master in control system ,Please can any one give me the link to download the solution manual(instructor manual) of Book Name: Digital control and State variable Methods(conventional and neuro-fuggy control systems) Author name: M.Gopal (...)
hello guys plz plz help me in solving this logic ''A PLC program is required to control for a portion of a lumber processing operation in a furniture factory. This system controls four motors that run a conveyor, its lubrication pump and two saws. Switch S1 controls lubrication pump (o/p M1), S2 (...)
"I could have the fan and the heater coupled. When PID output is 50% both work at 50%. When PID output decreases heater level decreases and fan level increses... " This is not good solution. It is pure waste of energy! Clasicall PID solution will solve problem.
I need the solution manuale for Digital control system A&D Book by phlips It is will be very kind from you
You shoud use some kind of Digital signal processing. Look for example Active noise control . Such DSP based system can bring some improvment. Pure analog solution probably is can not give any good result...
Hi you can use a remote control system the RF solution it's very easy to use and the price it's nice. search in google "MIPOT AUREL RADIOMETRIX..."
Currently I am exploring the possibility of upgrading an old Test system which has a 286 host computer to a pentium-based PC. But I am aware that the solution is not as straightforward as replacing the PC alone. First, there is the issue of difference in speed of execution of existing programs that control the various instrumentation, (...)