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Hello, Suppose our application has to detect an incoming short pulse - faster than any of our clocks can sample reliably (or perhaps we don't even know the width of the incoming pulse). My solution: 1. Drive the short signal (our_short_pulse) into a clock pin of a DFF (sadly wasting a BUFG). 2. Issue a detection flag (short_pulse_detected
Found the solution. The problem lies in the display. Changing the color display to 16bit corrects the problem.
Simple solution is .... From color image you get the R G B values for a pixel Take average R+G+B/3 and assign this to R G B do this for all the pixels and you will get grayscaled image
Hi folks I wonder who has the solution of analysis and design of analog intergrated circuits,4ht edition (Paul gray) Thanks
Hi, Can anyone explain me how to calculate Rout for the circuit attached. I have the solution but would like to know how to arrive at the equation. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Kiran
access this it's helpful
The frequency responce is a steady-state solution of a system, i.e., the result of the Fourier transform.
Hello, Im a UCLA student and I desperately need the solution manual for gray and Meyer's book (Analysis and design of analog integrated circuits, 4th edition). I REALLY need it as soon as possible so if anyone has it, or has a link to it please email me at and I will be forever greateful! Thanks guys! All the
Read Razavi and Paul gray books, do problems after each chapter, compare your answer with the solution and try to figure out what is the advantages of the solution design over yours. You will get a good feeling about analog circuit design by doing so. Added after 2 minutes: As for
hi, the answer in gray is correct. can you post your solution so that we can see what the difference is? or what is wrong.. thanks
solutions are here: If you cant get that link to work, send me a private message with your email address and I'll send you the solutions.
You can find solutions in EDA book Upload/download. They are still there.
I solved the blow quastion but in solving with kvl_kcl solution got this for gain of circuit : (ab(c+1)/(ab +b +c+1)) but with feedback solution ( "gray & More" 's book) I have this solution: Gain=(ab(c+1)/(ab+c+1)) Picture of circuit is attached blow