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hi, i need dsp by proakis 4th edition. i found 3rd edition manual but i realy need 4th edition solution. can anybody sent it?? thanx
dear friends.. will u pls tell me where can i locate solution manual for digital signal processing by john G.proakis thanx regards.. uday
Anyone having e book of dsp by proakis Added after 47 seconds: Even solution manual is post it if you have
i really need solution of dsp using matlab proakis. can anybody sent me? thank you
Use search plz on the top 3-d Edition & solution manual
Need solution manual of proakis and Manolakis Digital Signal Processing.... Plzzzzzzzzzz Upload it here....
please, use the search solution manual at at
I need the solution manual of dsp BOOK of proakis. Help me. Its no cheating as I am not student.