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unknown sot23 5,stamped only CP6r . its on the Emerson tablet's mother board found short along with power management chip AXP192,please help me find this smd.
136826 I can't find anything on the markings "MMOC7" and I am hoping someone recognizes it.
Hi Everyone, I am trying to create model of SMV1247 - SC79 varactor diode in ADS, but I do not know whether the model that I create is correct or wrong. So, I think I must know how to measure parameters of model in ADS before, and I am trying to do it with BBY51-sot23 varactor diode model that is a element of HFDiode_vendor_kit that is supplied by
Advanced PCB companies (including pool providers like Multi CB) have 200 ?m structure size for 2 oz copper which would still work with dual row 0.4mm BGA. But a brief look at the TI product selection shows that are also similar types in sot23 etc.
Hello everyone, I am looking for a sot23-6 component with Code Marking 63A23/ 63D18/ 61A27/ 61B23. It is Current Mode PWM Controller smd IC,using in set top box adaptor Pin connections are, pin1-RI 2-GND 3-FB 4-Drive 5-Sense 6-VDD Can someone tell me what is this part? Please help me. Thank you...Rajesh GS
Hi Could someone please help me with a problem. I have a PCB that fits in an ABS box and is to be completely potted, top and bottom. I am investigating device failure modes, as I need to ensure that the outside surface temperature does not reach 135C. I've worked out that one sot23 device may reach a junction temperature of 150C, under fault
MF ZVN3310F Zet M sot23 n-ch mosfet 100V 100mA the letter f may not be in capitals. this is one possibility
Who knows the type of sot23-5 component?
I'm working on a video amplifier circuit using a LMH6703 (the sot23-6) package, this is a fast (1.2GHz part). The reference board for this part LMH730216 has the bulk decoupling capacitors on the top side, however the smaller 10nF decoupling capacitors are placed on the back side with the +ve side passing through a via. There is plenty of sp
Possibly a Richtek RT9819 which is as FvM suggests a reset generator. They come in sot23 packages marked FZ followed by numbers or letters to indicate their switching threshold. Brian.
You'll find various analog ICs in sot23 package, e.g. voltage references or reset generators, so that's definitely an option. Marking is manufacturer specific (except for some popular parts where many manufacturers are using the same marking, e.g. said A7s = BAV99). Identifying circuit function is an interactive process, so I fear we can't su
Hi everybody, I am looking for a sot23-6 component with Code Marking MHGAA. This is written on the top of the package. Can someone tell me what is this part? I have searched some marking code books available on the internet but did not find anytrhing. Currently I am not sure what the part can be. Possibly some voltage regulator. Thanks
I am looking for a sot23-6 component with Code Marking HOt or H0t. What is the part?
I would like to use an overcurrent monitor for a 24V DC motor application. The motor current varies, from 2A to 5A max. After some web digging, I came up to this dedicated IC. It is convenient, sot23 package, with only 2 external components and in a fair price. My main concern here is the load.
There are modern transistors with good parameters. For example such as: AO3401 (P-channel, Rds 0.050 Ohm, Vds 30V, Id 4.0A, Vgs min 2.5V, sot23) IRLML6401 (P-channel, Rds 0.050 Ohm, Vds 12V, Id 4.3A, Vgs min 1.8V, sot23) IRLML2502 (N-channel, Rds 0.045 Ohm, Vds 20V, Id 4.2A, Vgs min 2.25V, sot23) SI2336DS (N-channel, Rds 0.042 Ohm, Vds 30V, (...)
hello, i need to know that does sot23-5 is same as sot353-1,because i need my package there is no availability of sot353-1 Thanks & Regards Revanth
Hi, I need 30s to 60s fixed delay and the whole schematic should consume less than 10uA. In addition the solution should be as smaller as possible (sot23 or smaller). I looked at some watchdog IC like ADM8316 and they seems to look OK for my purposes but the price is too high. Any ideas will be appreciated. Kind regards, Luben
Hi guys, I started this thread because my PC's PSU stopped working. When I opened it to check what the problem is, I found two elements damaged, they are a Power Mosfet (CEF02N7) and a resistor of 1.2Ohms/1W. Additionaly connected to mosfet gate there are a small IC, on something like a sot23-6 package, whose code marking is EA546 or EAS46, the pro
Hello guys!. I am having trouble to identify an SMD IC. The marking code on top is: AGHE The SMD package is sot23-5 It is located in a Hunter sprinkler controller. Thanks in advance, Javier.
I'm using Si2323 (PMOS 20V/6A/50 mOhm, sot23 case) for similar applications. Lower Rdson transistors are available in Micro8 and SO8. Major manufacturers have parametric search to easily find suitable types.