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The circuit shown in Figure 1 is a low-cost, high-performance soundBAR system that accepts analog stereo audio as input and outputs up to 8 channels of audio and processes each channel individually. The circuit is ideal for small expansion sockets and portable media devices. The circuit has low power consumption and high efficiency, does not (...)
The datasheet for the Yamaha Av 80 Y IC says it produces high quality voice sounds but the detailed spec's show poor telephone quality. It might be used in kid's toys and answering machines.
Theoretically, you SHOULD be able to calculate what your fedback signal will sound like, but there are, imo, just too many variables to really do it. Phase, reflections, harmonics, time and frequency response of each element in the system etc., etc., just make this a formidable task. But, if you listen to Jimi Hendrix ( among other, lesser, playe
Hi, I bought an aubtm23 chip and I want to use it to act as a bluetooth transmitter, i.e. to receive sound from microphone port and send it via bluetooth to a bluetooth speaker or handsfree. May you please guide me to make it? Thanks in advance
Please I am new in signal processing. I want to know the criteria to detect / recognize environmental sound in an audio signal. I have the codes for the extraction techiqiues I want to know already, but I want to know how to use them (Gammatone Cepstral Coefficient and Matching Pursuit ) feature extraction techniques for the detection
"Optimum performance" of an audio amplifier is not maximum output amplitude and awful sounds. A modern audio amplifier has a specification called "Damping Factor". A good damping factor damps resonances of a speaker so it does not ring like an old sound system did or like a bongo drum. Many good audio (...)
* Look closely at every brass contact surface. Did any of them become bent so it no longer makes contact? I found one like that on my 'bargain' HDMI cable. * Do you have something plugged into your laptop's headphone jacks? That might turn off the HDMI sound. * My laptop has 2 headphone jacks. One only works with headphones, the other only wi
I suggest you record and FFT your power supply noise, then replace mic with a resistor then use a sine signal from a sig generator and compare results. 8 bit PWM will be quite poor for sound quality. It should be a sigma delta type.
It's not clear to me which part of the "car project" you want to design. In case you are using off-the-shelf car audio components, which control interfaces you intend to use? Be sure that recent car radios and car audio systems are using digital control for everything, e.g. the sound level. So it can be basically remote controlled through (...)
I agree that the LMV358 is VERY noisy, look at its datasheet. Use a low noise opamp designed for audio instead. Have you 'scope'd or listened to the output of your circuit? It might have 50Hz or 60Hz mains hum caused by poor wiring and not have rumbling or hiss caused by the mic or the opamp. I have a sound level meter in my living room that is ex
I need some advice on how I might accomplish the detection of very high frequency sound. I do not know the source of the sound, or where is comes from (sorry - I don't care and can't answer any questions about that). I also do not know the exact frequency - or range. I know it is higher then what I can hear, so perhaps 20 - 50 khz . I
It has DSP board with audio amplifier for surround sound amplification.Many embedded systems use DSPs. It is mentioned that audio systems are embedded. Any inputs..??
Your schematic shows a capacitor with a value of only 47uF feeding an 8 ohm speaker. Then it cuts all low frequencies below 426Hz. Do you like tinny sound with no bass? Your schematic does not show a volume control. Add it to the schematic so we can show you how it messes up the input biasing without additional coupling capacitors.
sounds confusing. If speakers are permanently connected, they would be parallel to 100k resistors. Also the capacitors would quickly discharge when the supply is turned off. Some information ís apparently missing.
For voice it is adequate to have 4k to 8k samples per second. (I think I once heard 8k is a speed used for audio streaming over the internet.) Hence if you wish to store 10 seconds of sound, you'll need 40k to 80k bytes. 256 possible data values is satisfactory. This is convenient to have one byte per sample. 5-bit DAC playback... There is a cha
Hello everyone. I'm looking for the Texas Instruments and Analog Devices DSP sound libraries for audio. Can someone help me to find the source files or the list of the procedures available? Thank you. :smile:
I built custom one-of-a-kind audio circuits for companies who did not care much about cost as long as it worked well. Did I tell you about the crazy spec's (high fidelity sound on a huge intercom system) for the government's new airport sound system where my idea with the company I worked for were the only bidder and we got the job? I tried (...)
I agree that a modern IC power amplifier will work better than the Mosfet amplifier. R17 ruins the damping factor and makes it sound like a boomy old vacuum tubes amplifier.
Hi, I would like to dedicate a PC (x86) to run EQSO software (windows 2000 and newer) to make an RF gateway. The PC will run the software and it will route the audio input from the sound blaster to the IP and reverse. If you are familiar this is what ecolink does, connect RF devices through the internet. For power and size reasons, I do not want t
- Designed with Tripath TA2022 class-D hifi auido amplifier - NE5532 preamplifier - Fully short circuit and thermal protection - On board rectifier bridge, AC powered - Dual AC 22-24V + single AC 6-9V - uPC1237 protecting, no click sound when power on and off - 100% HiFi capacitors - Board size: 100mm x 150mm