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The howling is not caused by echoes. Instead the howling is caused by the speaker sound being heard by the microphone then is amplified. Since the telephone line has only two wires with transmission plus reception on it then the telephone circuit must use a hybrid circuit to cancel the feedback. Most cheap speakerphones use "voice switching" that m
Hi All, I need some advice if possible on how to make the first investigations on a system for noise cancellation/ noise removal. My plan is to place a speaker and a microphone (standard speaker/mike, low cost, non callibrated type) in a room, connect it to a PC audiocard and test if it can attenuate the sound level in the room, being speach
I want to make a VoIP speakerphone but now I found echo problem (sound from speaker loop back to the microphone). I use a normal audio CODEC so it does not have echo cancellation feature. So now I want to find an IC which I can add in the analog path (e.g between the microphone/speaker and CODEC) to solve the problem. I found some IC called Voice S
Hey, Im just a newbie at electronics,but Im learning fast Ok so i got some crappy bluetooth set with some annoying noise and when i connecting it to my simple amp(vma2016 based) the amp also amplifies the noise and thats annoying the sound isnt is there a way to clear some of this annoying noises? oh and another question is there a simpl
The purpose of your design isn't fully clear, I understand that you are mainly targeting to noise cancellation in sound reproduction or recording. There's however a wider topic of active noise cancellation, that's at least related to the basic problems you'll face with your project. For a brief overview see
umery2k75, Here's how I would proceed with the experiment: . First, record a very short musical passage that has a strong percussion content. . Set up a playback scheme that will allow you to repeat the passage quickly and easily. . Set up a scheme that allows you to quickly change the absolute phase. A double pole double throw switch can b
AEC is the acoustic echo cancellation in handsfree telephony like that of GSM. This is when sound from the speaker is added to the talker with some sort of reflection through the walls and ceiings...this is acoustic echo cancellation all about
Dear All, I just wander that we can make sound cancellation. What I means is to cancel the sound or/and noise from outside the room (target room), so that the room is quite enough. I need to make the quite room with "active" way, not with the "passive" way, such as using sound damper in my wall. I know in physics we (...)
Hi, This may be the ambigious project. I want to make my room completed with the Audio Cancelation circuit. The aim is to keep the room quit from the sound or noise from outside room (from door or windows). The idea is to put the microphone to sense the audio (noise), and then use the Microcontroller or DSP to make the opposite wave that cance