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Hi, I came across this technology info (or Google for Tabula spacetime routing). On link there is a nice video presentation explaining this new technology benefits. I am working with HDL (Xilinx chips and tools) long enough, to learn that the major challenge of writing HDL code is to make "working
How can the following system be implemented using electronic circuits. How can electronic circuits modulate scalar waves to curve spacetime.
What is the difference between the Wireless Communication and Space Time Wireless Commnication
A very good book in this topics: "Channel Adaptive Technologies and Cross Layer Designs for Wireless Systems with Multiple Antennas, Theory and Applications", by Vincent K.N. Lau & Yu-Kwong Ricky Kwok, published by Wiley-Interscience, 2006. Chapter 4: spacetime Coding and Layered spacetime Coding for MIMO with Perfect Channel State Informatio
In this theory of general relativity, spacetime is treated as a 4-dimensional Lorentzian manifold which is curved by the presence of mass, energy, and momentum (or stress-energy) within it. The relationship between stress-energy and the curvature of spacetime is governed by the Einstein field equations. The motion of objects being influenced solely