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In digital physical design, how do DRC violations occur even if we give lef files as design rules? In other words, why do the geometry violations like minimum spacing violations occur even though the minimum spacing requirements of metal layers are specified in the lef file?
Hi, I am designing a PCB using PDA layout. When I verify the design I am getting clearance error. It says "Drill spacing violation. distance is 0.026002. it should be >=0.3 " , How can I solve this problem by changing the settings I really dont want to move the drills because the drilling is for a PCI express card slot connector.
hi can anyone tell how to fix drc violation after done with post routing? i got one M1 spacing to find the location of error in the layout? also i got lvs errors like missing port vss on net: vss how to clear lvs error too Thanks, chandra.
is it possible for the first encounter don't give violation when checking geometry while caliber give violaton (minimum spacing violation)??
There are different types of DRC violations. * spacing violation * Minimum width violation * Latch-Up violation * Metal Density violation * Minimum Area violation The list goes on. These days many more new rules are being added as the technology shrinks.
Hi vlsitechnology, Yes you are right... Find some more from my experiance. LVS: Open circuit short circuit Different no.of Ports Connectivity Error Property Error ...... etc DRC: Latch-Up violation Min space Error Metal Enclosure violation Fat metal spacing violation Poly Endcap (...)
The errors which u get after nanoroute are 1.Antenna violation 2.short violation 3.spacing violation The reason is the tool doesn't have the priority for the design rules thts y it will try to concentrate more on meeting the timing part then if u get any violation we need to do it manually or with the (...)
hi, how to take care of pre route shorts and spacing violations which occur after final routing in magma blast fusion? thank you.
Reduce data path delay as much as possible. There are few techniques for that like ~ Up/down sizing cells ~ Adding/removing buffers ~ Changing placement of cells (except F/F after CTS) ~ Decreasing crosstalk delay by spacing/widening routing etc?
While routing, if net creates spacing violation to itself (same metal) that is a NOTCH violation. Attached picture will explain it properly. Other thing is solving notch violation; smart technique will depends on tool, which tool r u using.
But I have over 10000 points have minArea , width , spacing & Min extension ... violation, if I use manual editing, I will crazy ...... So I think back to Astro is the best way for me, can anyone tell me how to back to Astro to do search and repair ?
Hi, I use soce to verify drc violation,have many violation: 1.many offgrid and nogrid violation and they constrate in a certain area,do I need modify the lef file or other many spacing violation and they constrate at the congestion area and I found the some report is not realistic.because (...)
Spinhx: I did generate many boards using PSD15 and CCT autorouter. Within Orcad I don't even run the check because many symbols gives spacing violation. As you can attribute any color to any layer, it is difficult to assess what is your problem. The area defined for one specific pad (In your case the pin of a t092) is represented as well on the

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