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Hi All, I have a simple code running in a spartan 6 device. I can flash leds and everything works fine. I have the following peice of code. Where Tx_mac_wa is always 0 I have verified 1)Clk_SYS is workin 2) Tx_Hwmark_pl is 9 3) Tx_Lwmark_pl is 8 4) Fifo_data_count is 0 always @ (posedge Clk_SYS or posedge (...)
Hello all, Problem is , when trying to download my verilog code to platform flash prom (of xilinx ) the program (ISE Design suite) said that the programming is done and all is okey, like this picture 95030 on Master Serial mode . now i should look at my kit and find that the done led lights (as usual ) but it's
Did you see any error messages while programming the flash? Browse through the progress messages. Try following the step-by-step programming procedure in UG230 page 31: If you wish to restore the original flash code, I think the correct bitstream is in "Initial Design for the spartan-3E Sta
Dear All, I am using spartan 3E FPGA for my project. Here I need two options for configuration 1) Platform flash 2) Network Processor on the same board. I am planning to config. this using slave serial mode. Does any one have C code for any Processor?..used for the slave serial communication with the FPGA to config it. I have found (...)