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hi all. I want to design a pci card(no pcie) with spartan 3 or 6 for my bachelor project. spartan 3/6 are FPGA devices which can be used to implement a design. can any one guide me about desining that with altium and ics that i have to use and ..... Altium is used for PCB designing. pci is a 64-bit b
To give a reference number, the Altera pcie core will take 11300 logic elements (4 input LUT), 4500 registers and 240kBit of embedded RAM with Cyclone III, which is mid-scale FPGA, that should be roughly comparable to spartan 3. For details, review the pcie core manual, downloadable from I guess, that Xilinx will have
Hi I recently found on the Xilinx website taht the spartan-6 pci-express endpoint has two datasheets (a year ago there was one) one original and one with AXI4 bus interconnect option. How do they distinguish? Is it that the new silicon revision is equipped with the AXI4 interface on the hard IPs, or something to do with new version of CoreGen
Hey everyone I have used the pci card of ni 6534 for my data acquisition application. but now i want to go for higher. i have the mechtronics pci card which has inbuilt FPGA spartan 3. so now i want to know that is this card compatible with labview?? They have mensioned that we can make our application in VC++. if i want to use (...)
Hi all, I am using xilinx spartan 3 pci Express starter Kit and want to communicate with FPGA through pci Express communication. On PC side, i will be using Visual C or Labwindows software for sending some data packets to FPGA. Can anyone provide some manuals or application note on this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Hi all, I am using Xilinx spartan-3 pci Express Kit for the first time. I have studied the manual of this kit and want to program the FPGA by using Xilinx Platform Cable USB II, model is DLC10. I would like to give the following information 1) The FPGA Configuration ( JP3 ) is set to JTAG mode : M2:M1:M0 = 1:0:1 2) The Jump
Hi i am developing a DAQ card based on pci9052 (with spartan 3). now i want to access my pci card via labview. how can i do it. i have seen some one using pci1730 and interfacing with Labview but pci1730 contains labview drivers. Can i access pci9052 via labview ?
Hi Is there a standard VHDL or verilog solution (a wrapper or something) for implementing a back-end interface for the pci-express endpoint block in Xilinx (spartan-6) FPGAs? The coregenerator generates 450 signals as user interface, and its not exactly a bus. It needs a bus state machine, for example OPB or Wishbone.
The spartan?-3 pci Express? Starter Kit is a complete development board solution
where do i find the pci express arbiter design, i want to design it taking into the account spartan kit
I have a different point of view. pci is not such a big issue. If you have a true interest I recommend you to start with a FPGA pci development kit. Five years ago I developed some particular communications and video application based on a Xilinx spartan Dev Kit. Cost? About $200 including the development SW, the pci IP (...)
we ues spartan FPGA cart with pci capabilities
hi does any body have xilinx pci core for spartanII icannot find it in opencore thank
hi. i designed a pci card with a Xilinx-spartan-II FPGA, and I putted some soft cores together onto the FPGA. opencores-pci_bridge, whisbone intercon, and CAN controller. then i started testing, but i dont understand the results. there is a pcisniffer program, which runs without windows, it boots. with it, i saw: 3 (...)
hi. what is the main difference between a spartan-3 and a Virtex-4 FPGA? If i select 1-1 of them with the same number of CLBs, then why the virtex is much more expensive? because of the PowerPC cores? or is the virtex more effective? faster? And what about Power consumption?
You can check the spartan-3 pci express Starter Kit from the xilinx website. You can download the schematic from the
hi, I have a spartan-3 pci express Starter Kit. And when I got the board, I can use the iMPACT of the ISE 8.2i to download. But just several days, now I can't download and always i got the error as follows: "ERROR:iMPACT:585 - A problem may exist in the hardware configuration. Check to see that the cable, scan chain, and power conne
use 5V tolerant spartan 2 FPGA. using TI Zero Delay Bus Switch IC. they includes array of FET and used in such this application. see Xilinx spartan pci evaluation card manual it used Ti Bus Switch IC.
I bought the developping board and downloaded the from the xilinx website. The demo project was compiled by the ISE 8.1i, and I installed the ISE8.2i. When the software generated the logic core, errors happeded as follows: Somebody met the same problem? Started : "Launching Design Summary". Customizing IP... 8.2i -
Hi, I have starting package spartan 3 pci-Express and software Xilinx ise 8.2 webpack. I would like to know if there is a possibility to program such board using olny WebPack, serial port and traditional serial cable? Thank You in advance for any suggestion!