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i need matlab code for evaluating SAR (specific absorption rate) using fdtd methode
Hi, As frequency increases the penetration depth in tissues decreases, hence the SAR must be reduced... In HFSS, SAR settings kept the default values in material density and mass of tissue that is 1gm/cm^3 and 1 gm respectively.. what should be the values actually need to be entered? I am simulated with a 50*50 cm three layer body mo
To measure specific absorption rate you need to measure the Electric Field that penetrates a particular material with a specific density and a specific conductivity. If you know the density and the conductivity of the penetrated material, the Network Analyzer setup can give (...)
Skin and human body models in general are developed for calculating SAR (specific absorption rate). SAR is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to an electromagnetic field, so there might be possible to find a model that consider the human body and skin as an equivalent parasitic (...)
SAR in PIFA in HFSS????
I would imagine that with deeper skin depth or penetration, you would have more SAR (specific absorption rate) than with less skin depth. How come that is not true?
I need urgent help on how to determine the mass of a sphere or any 3D object in HFSS or FEKO. I need this for specific absorption rate (SAR) project. Thank you.
Hi, I would like plot the specific absorption rate (SAR) in HFSS. I have a 3D design, a rectangular waveguide and a circular waveguide with water inside (file attached). How can I plot the SAR in the water? Thank you
I know it is simulated in HFSS, FEKO, etc....however, can one meaure SAR in a real live setting? If so, how? Also, how does HFSS and FEKO calculate/sumulate SAR? Do they use the same equation/technique? Thanks.
Hi, Anyone has information about calculating specific absorption rate (SAR) by using Finite-Difference Time-Domain for a specific part of the body (for example head)? I have some papers about this topic, but want to know how should i start? This is what i understood from the papers: First i should have a human body (...)
simulation of specific absorption rate of electromagenatic wave, can any one have software related this, my project sumission date 5 dec.
hello i want to calculate the specific absorption rate due to antenna in body layers . anybody can tell me how can i do this problem by using FDTD method. if anybody have any program or calculation or any documnet which help me to solve this problem plz send me at my email id thanks........
hii when i simulate three layer human body model (skin-fat-muscle) with direct contact with antenna in HFSS then the avg. SAR in the skin layer is more in comparison to muscle layer . i don't know how this can be happen ?? help me how can i correct this.... according to publish result max. absorption induced in muscle layer then in skin layer a
how can i calculate specific absorption rate(sar)within the metamaterials in the human head?
""need the matlab code for evaluation of SAR (specific absorption rate)distribution in human head due to cellphone usage using FDTD method"" i used for calculating electric field in the biomedia the FDTD. can you help me?
need the matlab code for evaluation of SAR (specific absorption rate)distribution in human head due to cellphone usage using FDTD method
Hi All, what techniques are used to reduce the specific absorption rate values ? Thanks in advance.
Hi, Do anyone here know how to run the simulation in Fidelity with the human head model to calculate in SAR (specific absorption rate)?? I'm having problem on retrieving the human head model in Fidelity. I'll be really appreciate it if u could help me out with this. thanx a lot in advance :wink:
Hi All, Please, dear freinds, can anyone help me to obtain the specific absorption rate (SAR) of the dipole antenna (inside Spherical model Head) by using CST MWS V.5. thanks in advance.
hello everyone please help me about SAR-specific absorption rate in cst before simulate with SAR i need to define power loss density monitor. however after define and simulate i still can't to define SAR calculation setting..... before that SAR advantage of this model is that approximates real- life laboratory measurements so hope (...)