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Hey everyone Can you please help me out with these questions 1- What are the differences and similarities between the results of application fft.m, spectrogram.m and pwelch.m to the same data. 2- What spectral analysis tool you found most useful for the analysed signals and what was not good with the other methods. Thank you so much
Hey all. i have an paper work on spectral analysis in matlab. one of the questions is: Let be a signal in vector ‘war’, sampled with a frequency of 25kHz. Note that it is composed of a voice signal and two sinus signals (perturbations) situated at two different frequencies. Analyze the signal (time, number of samples, (...)
1) Oppenheim "Digital Signal Processing" 2) P. Stoica, R. Moses "spectral analysis of signals", Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458 3) Prabhakar S. Naidu "Modern Spectrum analysis of Time Series" CRC Press 4) N. Golyandina, V. Nekrutkin, A. Zhigljavsky "analysis of Time Series Structure: SSA and Related (...)