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Yes, you can do this, it needs you to derive / extract the LRCM mesh accurately and impose likely aggressors and so on. I've been able to make DJ appear in spectre analog_extracted based simulations, C-only, from long lines routed in proximity. I have no idea whether your tools and PDK support inductance (let alone mutual). (...)
See You can see a defintion of NF(k) in Keysight ADSsim and GoldenGate. If you use more than three ports, e.g, port1=RF, port2=IF, port3=LO, NF(2) is different from NF of Cadence spectre. Here you have to use resistor + vsin instead of port3=LO.
As the figure shows, do the noise simulation, but the output and negative input node of the amplifier is not "directly" biased, how to get the input referred noise data from simulation? Thanks 129361
There is no tool whose name is cadence. Even if you use Cadence ADE, we can use various vendor's simulators such as Synopsys HSPICE, Mentor Eldo, Keysight ADS, Keysight GoldenGate, Cadence spectre, etc. Always describe correct tool's name and vendor's name which you use as tool or simulator.
I've been simulating a mixer+LNA using Pnoise in spectre, and I can't make sense of how F and NF are being calculated from the simulated input referred noise. Below is an example result, input noise and NF are at the
Hi Dario I am not sure that Cadence/spectre can do the linear interpolation. What you should do is a interpolation of your points in matlab, and then feed this to Vdc in cadence. hope it helps
I am trying to generate a clock signal with random noise, but not using complicated VCO models in Cadence spectre. One possible way I think is to use the vsource in analogLib with "prbs" type, and specify the bit file with "...0101..." pattern. So that, I can put the noise for the pattern as provided by (...)
Hello, guys, When you run transient analysis in spectre, you can enable 'transient noise'. When 'transient noise' is enabled, no noise power energy data is displayed and able to set, and you can only set noise scale. My question is: By enabling 'transient (...)
Hi, I tried to build a verilogA VCO phase-domain model by referring to Ken Kunder's paper. Then I have no idea how to start with, thus I set up a simple testbench as below image shown. I chose "noise" analysis and run. spectre then showed error indicating "Matrix is singular (detected at 'I0:idt0'). When I tried to remove below codes (...)
Hi, Im working with Virtuoso/spectre in the design of a low noise amplifier. The very first thing to choose is a proper transistor operating point which provides a good compromise between noise figure (low current) and high gain (high current). Ive been told that the first thing is to define the appropriate current (...)
Hi, We generally simulate PLL system behavior and calculate loop parameters first by using tools like MATLAB or others, then start to realize the circuits. After that, we check the step response or phase noise on transistor level of the PLL with tools like HSpice or spectre. Here are my questions: 1. MATLAB simulation is based on l
I'm trying to simulate the noise psd of nmos. but when i performed the noise analysis and plotted the resulting output noise, it is zero over all the frequency range? could someone help me? thanks. 100961100962100963
I am using spectre to measure the noise performance of my schematic with spectre in Cadence . I wonder how the software to calculate the noise factor with the input noise and output noise . The simulation results show that noise factor doesn't equal to (...)
always error detecting in stimulating sp analysis: write error on PSF file: Error detected in psf library while writing to file 'sp.noise.sp'. I am simulating LNA now, but I guess this is not the circuit problem and maybe something wrong in the setting of spectre. Does any have this problem before? Pls help me! Thank you!
Hi, I have designed CDS circuit. As given in literature, CDS reduce Flicker noise and sampling noise / KT/C noise. I know that, we can calculate KT/c through Transient noise simulation in spectre. But, Please, let me know how can we simulate 1/f noise reduction through CDS
hi ..... can any one help me .... i need a matlab script in how to convert the phase noise to jitter 76391 i need a script in how to do this equation in matlab as i use spectre simulator and i want to know how i use the phase noise graph to put it in the equation by matlab
Hi~ I simulate noise of a fully differential OPA switch cap structure using spectre Pnoise . I have some problems First i use PSS and Pnoise analysis , then i want to see input referred noise , and it is impractical small , just about 20nV/Hz (better than IEEE papers so (...)
Greetings, In SPICE (like LTspice, Hspice) I can do .noise analysis and measure the total input-referenced noise using .MEAS noise in_totn INTEG V(inoise) How can I do the same in spectre? I know that spectre supports 'simulator lang=spice' and (...)
Hi guys, I've gotten something unsure about noise factor. Hope for help here. The noise Factor is defined as below. N = (Na+G*Ns)/(G*Ns). Different Ns produces different N. and in Cadence spectre, the noise source is usually a port. The impedance of the port provides the thermal (...)
When I simulated the phase noise of a ring oscillator based VCO using spectre pnoise analysis, I found the rms accumulated jitter increasing with increasing the maximum number of sidebands. and the dominant noise contributor was the induced gate noise of some swtiched off (...)