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Hello, I have tried to perform a transient noise analysis, but I received this error: error (spectre-16192): No convergence achieved with the minimum time step specified. I have read the possible solutions, but I don't know how to change "cmin". Do you have any suggestion? Are there other things I can do?
Hello everyone, I am trying to write a 2x1 multiplexer using the mems switch in veriloga. But when i try to simulate the circuit i am getting errors. error (spectre-11005): Matrix is singular (detected at `out'). error (spectre-16080): No DC solution found (no convergence). Here (...)
I am simulating a differential class E amplifier in candence spectre. I have included n-ports at the input lines to include the effect of PCB traces (s2p file). I have run the PSS analysis. I am getting the following errors error requirements were not satisfied because of convergence difficulties and the simulation is (...)
Hi, I am working on the design of a charging circuit, where i have to increase the transistor width to almost 5000 um for allowing the current to be 500mA, but when i increase the size of the transistor an error of this sort comes in: Gmin = 1 pS is large enough to noticeably affect the DC solution.
I have to write a behavioral model for device. There is, say for example 3 external node(IO) and one Internal node. When i run the model with spectre, there is a convergence error as the tool was not able to compute the DC operating point. So I am trying to set initial condition on the internal node. I did tried placing the assignment in (...)
Sometimes HSPICE shows internal timestep error, like internal timestep is too small. It is caused by convergence problem. You can try other simulator like spectre. spectre's convergence is much better than HSPICE.
it's the convergence problem. i suggest you use the spectre as simulator to simulate switch cap circuit.
I have a problem I can't solve. Sometimes when I run long-time simulation by spectre I need to restat the simulation from checkpoint. I did it before with spectreS without any problem. But after I'm switched to spectre I can't restart simulation from checkpoint. spectre always give an error message about (...)
Hi, I have a peculiar case. I need some CMOS circuits which are facing convergence problems during spectre simulation. Some generic blocks like Switching regulators do give some convergence problems during simulation. Can anybody give me the schematic of such circuits which are facing convergence problems. thanks sarfraz
Hello, I am working on a DC-DC converter. I am using cadence spectre for simulations. My transient analysis is simulating fine but the DC analysis is giving an error saying No DC Solution(No convergence) Can anybody help me how to overcome this. Thanks Kasi
Hi all, I encountered something strange and I would to like to ask if it is only my problems or not. I just installed ic5.0 in redhat 8. Everything works fine until I try simulating pss. I simulate the "lnasimple" as provided in "rfExamples" and there is error message pop up, "Internal error in spectre........", at the end of the (...)