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#include #define _XTAL_FREQ 8000000 #include "lcd.h" // CONFIG1H #pragma config OSC = HS // Oscillator Selection bits (HS oscillator) #pragma config FCMEN = OFF // Fail-Safe Clock Monitor Enable bit (Fail-Safe Clock Monitor disabled) #pragma config IESO = OFF // Internal/External Oscillator Switchove
Hi all, Many of you may be interested in building electronics DIY kits. Building kits is one of fun and effective ways to learn electronics as well as soldering skill. The most classic and practical kit is LED clock kit for sure. Available clock kits in market provide basic clock features like time and alarm setting. However, if you are looking
Understand things correctly. Use correct terminology. Now, I want to import this S2P file in Cadence virtuoso.You can never import S2P file to Cadence virtuoso, since Cadence Virtuoso is design frame work. However Cadence ViVA can open S2P file directly by result browser. From my knowled
PDK's are mostly crypted and released in Verilog format.( There might be exceptions..) therefore extracting a model parameter from PDK data is more than difficult.. But some Cadence spectre based PDK may give you fundamental model parameters when you request "print model parameters" option.
Thanks jjx for your answer. I need the spice model for use in another external tool. I want to use several vcvs, vccs piecewise linear sources. I simulate the behaviour in Cadence spectre so I know that if I extract their spice model, it will perform correctly in the external tools. Now I have tried CDL export but got only the schematic as a subcir
See spectre -h pz Don?t rely on Cadence ADE.
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HI All, If anyone tried to compress a file (.zip format) using STM32F4 ?.Any libraries available for that ? I could find libraries for GZIP ,but couldnt fine any for ZIP. If anyone have any idea about this could you please help me? Thank you, Pradeep
Hello, I want to do behavioral simulations using SystemVerilog as opposed to using Verilog-A and Verilog-AMS for Mixed Signal Designs in Cadence Virtuoso/AMS/Incisive/spectre. How can I use SystemVerilog files ? Can I use them just as I use Verilog-A or Verilog-AMS files ? Will Cadence Virtuoso/spectre/Incisive/AMS recognize SystemVerilog a
Use spectre primitive, nport. If you use Keysight ADSsim, use DAC(Data Access Component).
LTSpice is freeware, Cadence spectre is the high-end, operating point reading of DC sweep is a luxury comfort I guess. Like AC stability analysis. But with some struggling you can characterise complex circuits in LTSpice too. Once I saw a matlab script which used LTspice as the core simulator to get swept parameter serults. I can imagine that is
Hello, I am using cadence (version 16) and calibre. I have a DRC and LVS clean layout and was able to extract a spectre PEX netlist and simulate it from the command line. However, it seems much easier to use the calibreview file to run the PEX outputs in spectre. Almost all of the tutorials I find online do it this way. However, when I run
I am referring to the microchip dspic33ep micro controller. I am trying to read the adc of the pot, the adc is initialized for signed fractional format and in the data sheet it is shown as 156559. The test point at POT reads 3.3V and when i debug the variable is 32736 which when converted into binary will be 0111 1111
Hi, I'm designing a wireless transmitter that consists of a DAC, a switched-cap baseband filter and a passive upconverter. I'm trying to simulate the spectral performance (ACLR and EVM) and produce constellation plots using QAM signals. The signals have been generated in MATLAB with RRC pulse shaping or come straight from th
Hi all, I ran into a problem after finishing PEX in calibre. I want to generate a caliberview after PEX in order to run post-layout simulation, however, the "caliberview setting" pop-up does not appear after correctly running PEX. I wonder what`s wrong with the seetings. Here is a picture of the settings.156415 Thanks!
Hi, im trying to program SPI flash Remotely on zedboard. To do i followed INTEL_MCS.docx(attachment 1,2,3,4) 156396 After FPGA has been programmed i did readback from flash. and compared both the files. all are following the frame format as described by MCS frame format but the first 3 lines are unknown or how i
Hi ,I have TMS320f28069 Piccolo series c2000 family microcontroller it supports USB. Now my problem is that i want to save EEprom data to USB pendrive in predefined format with file .CSV . Thanks Your Faithfully Dave john
I saw this slide from Cadence running multiple test in the same time.Actually it is not at same time, if you use Cadence-ADE-XL(GXL). It is multiple launchs of simulation. Synopsys HSPICE and Keysight ADSsim have optimizer in simulator. However Cadence spectre does not have optimizer. So Cadence spectre has to
the timing of the output data rising edge of a flip flop will vary depending on circuit noise, so was wondering how to characterize this noise..Use Shooting-Newton-PSS/Tdnoise in Cadence spectre. .
Hi, I have to occasionally call for simple modifications to enclosures containing circuit boards. EG add a cut-out, or a hole for cable entry, etc etc. Eg, I need to be able to draw the enclosure, even if only in 2D, then send this drawing off to a metal basher so they can make it. We cant afford Solidworks. Do you know of any free, simple d