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I tried to measure the input impedance of differential input stage of mixer using s2p analysis in Cadence spectre RF, I got same Z11 in following cases 1) When the Port connected deferentially 2) Using AnalogLib ideal_balun 3) Using RFlib balun (with Balanced output impedance set to 25 Ohms), (...)
Hi, I have to simulate the gain of my designed LNA with certain antenna impedance as a source. I am using cadence spectre for the simulation. The problem is that cadence spectre provides n1port for importing S11 parameters of antenna, which is a passive port. Therefore, if i connect the n1port at LNA input to represent (...)
Does any body know how to measure the lc tank quality factor with software(rf spectre .i.e cadence) and by calculations too? is it possible to get 900 ohm impedance of an lc tank ?(this lc tank was used for an lna load.)( l=5.49nH , c=651fF).the lna has a dc blocking cap of 2pF value after the tank. what is the relation between the (...)
is output port must be added for IIP3 measurement? if port needed what should be its impedance.iam getting different IIP3 results with and without the port and also different results for different port me please.................
is Z-parameter from s-parameter analysis in cadence spectre RF will give correct input impedance.I want to calculate input impedance of my Low noise amplifier circuit. Whether input impedance is equal to Z11 parameter.?thanks in advance
in spectre, maintian the DC input level and add a ac current at the output node, run ac simulation and get the ac voltage magnitude of the output node, the output resistance is equal to the ac voltage magnitude devided by the ac current, if the ac current is set to be 1A, then the output resistance will just be equal to the ac magnitude.
Hello all, I have a single ended 2 GHz amplifier , i am using spectre simulations to make S parameter simulations, and using simultanuous input output matching technique mentioned in Gonzalez book, my problem now is that the sourse impedance is 150 ohm and load impedance is 25 ohm, so what is the reference (...)
I am trying to characterize a 2-port network using spectre. Both the input and output impedances of this network is supposed to be 200ohm in the frequency band of interest. So I made two identical instances of this 2-port network. For the first instance, I connect PORT1 to the input and PORT2 to the output. For the (...)
the balun model in spectre (verilog-a) has an unbalanced input impedance of 50 Ohm and a balanced/differential output impedance of 50 Ohm. these impedance values can be varied. to my knowledge, if the diffrential output impedance is 50 Ohm, each output has an impedance of 25 (...)
I have a question when try to estimate a mixer's NF. How dose Cadence spectre calculate the NF of a mixer? I mean, if we are designing a mixer with onchip input from an LNA, then the input impedance of the mixer surely won't be 50Ω. So, when calculate the NF, which needs a value of Rs, dose it use the Zin of the (...)
when design LNA, it is said to size the transistors to match the optimal source impedance to get lowest NF. But I don't know which simulation can get the noise impedance of the LNA? In most cases, it is not the same with input inpedance. i use cadence ic50, spectre and spectreRF. does anyone know which (...)