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spectre is a simulator from Cadence. Is spectre a language too?Yes. Keysight ADSsim and GoldenGate simulator can read Cadence spectre netlist and Hspice Netlits directly. Cadence spectre can read Hspice netlist (...)
u mean stimuli...??"input.scs" is a spectre netlist when you run spectre from Cadence ADE. I think you use device model files of Hspice Format for Cadence spectre netlist. Use device model files of spectre Format. Or add "simulator (...)
Hi everyone, I designed a circuit by cadence virtuoso and extracted the spice netlist (.scs). Then I want to simulate it using spectre. 1. Could someone give me a simple example about how to use the .scs file to simulate (just include this file into the new .spi)? 2. It's not difficult if I just use a few variables (...)
Hello I am trying to use Verilog-A to model a diode. This model will be attached to a spice netlist and simulated in spectre. I want to know if its possible to code the model in such a way that it behaves different to different simulations. (DC, AC, TRAN etc ). Please advise Thanks EdinTech
Hello Does anyone know to directly convert a spectre netlist in cadence to spice ??? Thanks BB
Ya there its by default spectre.. I want the netlist in Hspice. I need the right settings . I tried to set up in Analog design environment , it isn working
How to import schematic from netlist in cadence.............? If it's a spice netlist, see here. With a spectre netlist, a similar method should work.
I run transient state simulation in cadence ADE with spectre. it generated the result in the folder of named : my_test/spectre/schematic/psf/(netlist in :my_test/spectre/schematic/netlist/) the result file is namded tran.tran.trn. and I activate the (...)
This looks older post - but not having right solution: Transistor level RCX, the input data source is LVS db. This is used to backannotate. If you are trying to create av_extracted view - run LVS with DFII schematic & Layout not CDL & GDS. For CDL GDS flow, create spice, spectre, xDSPF, xSPEF netlist only, as an output from (...)
The flow is perfectly correct. I have found a similar flow in another link, and follow through it successfully. How to include a spice netlist and simulate it in spectre environment | Circuit Design World
My spice netlist is named bufk.sp Only 2 inverts are included. i use the command : spp -convert bufk.sp bufk.scs . but No result generated. then how will i do the conversion ? My spice netlist is like : .GLOBAL VSS vddh *** .SUBCKT HINVA I ZN MM15 ZN I VDDH vddh MP5 L=0.72U (...)
In the attachment, page 7, answer d, there is gmro vs vds curve, which is just like the waveform you pasted. With spectre simulator, I can measure ro=1/gds, gm respectively. I do not know wheter pspice can do it or not. You can also refer ee214 lecture which give some spice netlist for simulation gm/id (...)
I have a working spectre simulation using an nport to load the s-parameter file of the package and a layout extraction for the chip. I need to generate an hspice model, but the netlist fails. I get the following messages: Messages: ERROR: Missing or incorrect master.tag in library analogLib cell nport view (...)
Hi, I have asynchronous wrapper (spice netlist annotated). This comonent have a lot of I/O and spectre simulation is very complex because I fed inputs with vsources for digital simulation. There is a lot of inputs and the signals are very complex to generate using Vpulse. Also simulation last 10 Hrs !!! How can I use (...)
HI, now i am converting netlist from spice to spectre(using perl) in that i struck at handling multiple lines ex: subckt and2_pd andout nandout +gnd vdd in1 in2 it has to be converted as subckt and2_pd andout nandout \ gnd vdd in1 in2 thanks in advance
In your netlist, add the "simulator lang=..." as follows: simulator lang=spice * MODEL FORMAT: Pspice .MODEL Dnsr0320mw2t1 d +IS=1.88569e-06 RS=0.160685 N=1.03056 EG=0.634401 +XTI=0.5 BV=20 IBV=1.5e-05 CJO=1.20949e-10 +VJ=0.4 M=0.520353 FC=0.5 TT=0 +KF=0 AF=1 simulator lang=spectre
you mean you want a spice netlist from a circuit you designed in cadence? the default netlists are in spectre syntax, im not sure how to convert to spice or if there is an option to create spice netlist. search on (...)
Hi, I am having this problem with a spice netlist,while using spectre. My netlist is incliding a model,with a global parameter say X.But I want to override value of this parameter in only one instantiation of transistor(there are many transistor instantiation in (...)
hello, everyone. I tried to simulate the circuits in the ee240courses, but I found I didn't know how to write some spice netlists. Could you pls send me some spice netlists for the courses? Which circuit do you want to simulate? And what is your simulation tool? Hspice (...)
man , there is a feature in ADS called netlist converter this takes the netlist of ELDO /spectre / spice /Hspice and convert it into ADS netlist and , then u can simulate using ADS khouly