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I am really facing problem while doing noise simulation of Continuous TIme Integrator. I am using spectre simulatior Which is correct method to do noise simulation ? noise in ADE or PSS, PAC and PnoiseThey give same result as far as small signal operation. You post (...)
Sampled Mode exists in PAC and PXF of Cadence spectre. This mode is similar to "timedomain" mode in Pnoise Analysis of Cadence spectre. The Designer's Guide Community Forum - switched capacitor integrator noise simulation results However I can't get reasonable results for
Hi all, I have several questions which i will describe by topics. All the circuit design is made in Candence using spectre. 1 - As transient noise introduces noise in the transient simulation, I export the data to Matlab to perform the Jitter (RMS and Peak-to-Peak) calculations. How can I do this in Cadence ? 2 - How (...)
I have designd a charge pump of PLL. And I simulated pnoise of spectre of Cadence. The result of charge pump output noise is larger than 100pA at 1KHz. I don't know what is reason about this? Below is my cirucit and simulation result. :cry: Can anyone help me ?Thank you very much
Hi Jordantang, I have been doing noise simulation usinge the spectre simulator + ADE, using the noise simulation. However, I think that you dont want to use the ADE. But checking my netlist (in spectre format), the command that call the noise analysis routine is: (...)
Hi guys, I have designed a 2 stage op-amp, diff input and single output. I use Cadence spectre simulation tool. All the specs are pretty good. Now I want to calculate the open loop input referred noise of OTA. But I have a question in noise simulation and I dont know if the results I get are correct or (...)
Hi, i need the spectre netlist of " device noise simulation of sigma delta modulators " From here, , the matlab script will be got. but the spectre netlist is missed. i want to re-simulate the 2nd order sigma delta converter using specterRF simulator. so i need the netlist. please give me a copy ! Than
Hi, I try to match model of first order sigma delta to spectre simulation results, but they disagree! First figure attached is first order sigma-delta model (comparator shown as a summing node and noise source N(s)). Can solve to get: Y = N/(1+H) + H*X/(1+H) where H=K/s So if K/s >> 1, then: Y ~ sN/K + X This says to me (...)
Has anyone here tried to simulate the phase noise of a VCO (4 GHz LC cross coupled in my case, fyi) in both ADS and spectre, and come to a conclusion as to which models Phase noise that is closest to measurement? Thanks
Hi Himali, Go through an attachment to do Phase noise simulation of VCO and PLL. I believe you need spectre RF to do PSS noise simulation . also, you can go through help manual of cadence.
Hi: Dose anyone know wheather phase noise is included in the phase noise simulation result in spectre ? Not sure what this means I saw a peak at the freqeucy of (fo - fm) . Can you provide more details, what is fo, fm, whether you are simulating the closed loop PLL or just the VCO, etc
Please forward procedure for noise simulation using cadence spectre for NMOS thanks
construct a test bench which is closed loop and gain=1.add a vdc =0 as the input of the opamp. spectre provide noise analysis. you could choose the differential output as the output pair. and input source as the noise source. After simulation you could print noise summary to see the total (...)
for a relative large circuit, how to do transient noise analysis in spectre? if my circuit is large (for ex: 5000 transistors, and 6 sub-blocks), then how to run transient noise simulation in spectre? what is the procedure? how to add the stimilus, and how to observe the results,pls? can anyone (...)
how to do a noise simulation in spectre for a opa? or anyone can provide some tutorial? thanks.
you can use noise simulation in spectre , just choose noise analysis and point to the node of interest and if you want you can also point to the input source you want to refer the noise to
I would like to know how spectre calculate noise figure. Is there any formula that i am able to use it? this is because my noise figure in simulation is not the same as the calculated and as in the post-layout. Can anyone help me on this matter. Thank you
I simulated a simple common source NMOS with a 1kohm resistor load with noise analysis. in spectre noise summary, i get the squared noise at 0.1mHz as id = 53.2567 e -18 fn = 1.395 e - 3 My transistor is 144u/2u with Kf = 1e-24 and cox=4.6mF/m^2. The gm is about 4.9mS. Id is from thermal noise = (...)
Hi, I am designing a sigma-delta pll, and want to do the phase-noise simulation with spectre PSS and Pnoise. But there are some questions about it, and can anyone help to solve them, please. 1. when I use a OSC verilog-A code as the input reference frequency source, the PSS simulation will be failed (...)
for reducing flick noise of folded cascode amplifier, choppered with frequency 1Meg, with spectre rf simulation pss + pnoise, the output noise is as fig. a1 below shows , why not like a2 shows, is my simulation setup wrong?