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How to simulate phase noise of the divider and charge pump by spectre? I try to simulate it with similar setting as phase noise simulation of VCO. But the result look like incorrect. Anyone know how to simulate it?
I am running noise simulation and it indicates that some of the major noise contribution comes from various s-parameter models in my circuit. How does spectre calculate the noise of those models? Technically s-parameter model does not contain any information about noise.
hi, can anyone tell me how to do noise simulation of differential input to differential output op amp with cadence spectre? is there any material that tells how to do this? thanks.
Hi lijulia, I don't use spectre, so I am afraid I can't help you
In spectre, how to simulation slew rate and noise, for fully differential OTA? 1) For the slew rate, we can use unit gain buffer configuration to simulate the slew rate and settling time. How to do it for the differential one? 2) For the noise analysis, because, we have two inputs and two output, how to put the (...)
As far as I know you should use noise analysis provided in the spectre Analog Environment. For estimating the input noise levels I think you have to use "vsource" instance at the input. With that source and Direct Display form options you can directly plot the input and output noise as well as NF etc....I used this method (...)
Hi, I'd like to integrate a noise source in my schematic netlist. I know the command syntax is like this one : _vnet (net 0) vsource type=noise noisevec= Instead of the question marks, I must put some frequency-noise pairs. Does someone have an example because I don't understand exactly the meaning of (...)
Hi, I have a bandgap reference system that need to measure its noise output in uVrms using spectre. When I open the choosing Analyses option, what should I fill up the Output noise & Input noise portion ? For output noise, there is probe/voltage option and we need to select Output probe instance .... is (...)
spectre should simulate the noise. you can search it in cadence manual. but you'd better calculate the equiv input noise
which kind you can calculate and also simulate. if you calculate you must use the small signal circuit if you simulate you use pss and pnoise in spectre
Hi~~ anyone know How to simulate noise in spectre? If i have the spectrum of noise V/sqrt(Hz) like attached file How could calculate DC to 1KHz noise floor? Is find it averagethen multiply sqrt(1K)? thanks~~ In analog artist window, after you run the noise simulation, Select, (...)
I use spectre to simulate circuit , but unfortunate the spectre model hasn't flicker noise ,i add it but result is incorrect. So i use spice model in spectre simulator. The DC and ac simulation is right,but transient ,PSS and Pnoise is not correct.... so anyone can help me ? Is there has (...)
I finished a spectre pss and pnoise simulation the noise wave can be displayed but the phase noise wave cannot be displayed when I choose phase noise and click plot the message in CIW is as followed: error, evaluating expression (phasenoise (("pss-fd" ? result (...)
Dear All, I am simulating LNA and other RF components in spectre for the 1st time. Is there any good document where I can learn more on PSS,PAC, noise analysis using spectre, like what basically PSS, PAC means. Very basic on these topics. Thanks in adavance. Prakash
Use ac open loop setup. if u r using spectre , make sure all noise models are on.specify the parameters Noimod =1, Kf =0. Plot against frequency.
In the Results Display Window of noise summary in Cadence spectre simulation, there is a list like the following: Device Param noise distribution % of total /M0 id 1e-7 40 /M0 fn 2e-8 8 I want to know what's the meaning of the param. In other (...)
For realistic LO/REF frequency ratios there is no hope for a complete simulation. Ken Kundert give some helpful hints on for a component verification and behaviour verification with model parameters verified before by spectre.
when design LNA, it is said to size the transistors to match the optimal source impedance to get lowest NF. But I don't know which simulation can get the noise impedance of the LNA? In most cases, it is not the same with input inpedance. i use cadence ic50, spectre and spectreRF. does anyone know which (...)
i have this 10-bit pipeline ADC that operates at 6.75Mhz, i wanna test INL & DNL factor for my ADC, i knew it supposed to be done using transient analyses...what type of input i should give, i've differential input in to ADC. ANd how long u need run & how many hours does it takes???
Does any document about simulate DAC nose with spectre? Thanks