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I can get the noise density from spectre noise simulation as shown in the top figure, but can I get the integrated noise as shown in the bottom figure, thanks. 136131
See You can see a defintion of NF(k) in Keysight ADSsim and GoldenGate. If you use more than three ports, e.g, port1=RF, port2=IF, port3=LO, NF(2) is different from NF of Cadence spectre. Here you have to use resistor + vsin instead of port3=LO.
Hi everyone, I have two oscillators running at a nominal frequency of 10 GHz and 5 GHz respectively. The 10 GHz oscillator has a lower phase noise compared to the 5 GHz oscillator. I am trying to run the simulation where 10 GHz oscillator is acting as an injection oscillator to 5 GHz oscillator. I have set the Beat frequency as 5 GHz (since the
As the figure shows, do the noise simulation, but the output and negative input node of the amplifier is not "directly" biased, how to get the input referred noise data from simulation? Thanks 129361
Hello, guys, When you run transient analysis in spectre, you can enable 'transient noise'. When 'transient noise' is enabled, no noise power energy data is displayed and able to set, and you can only set noise scale. My question is: By enabling 'transient noise', what kinds of (...)
Hello, I have tried to perform a transient noise analysis, but I received this error: ERROR (spectre-16192): No convergence achieved with the minimum time step specified. I have read the possible solutions, but I don't know how to change "cmin". Do you have any suggestion? Are there other things I can do?
gangs, I am running .noise analysis in cadence's spectre. Two methods display the simulation results: method 1. plot equivalent input noise. This can be done by: locate spectre simulator menu-->results-->direct plot-->equivalent input noise. A figure will pop out. Then go to calculator's (...)
Hi, We generally simulate PLL system behavior and calculate loop parameters first by using tools like MATLAB or others, then start to realize the circuits. After that, we check the step response or phase noise on transistor level of the PLL with tools like HSpice or spectre. Here are my questions: 1. MATLAB simulation is based on l
I'm trying to simulate the noise psd of nmos. but when i performed the noise analysis and plotted the resulting output noise, it is zero over all the frequency range? could someone help me? thanks. 100961100962100963
Hi, Can anyone explain to me what is happening when we do transient noise simulation using spectre? Does it add noise sources in series to all voltage sources, for example? Thereason I ask this is, I want to replicate it (what spectre is doing in transient noise (...)
I am using spectre to measure the noise performance of my schematic with spectre in Cadence . I wonder how the software to calculate the noise factor with the input noise and output noise . The simulation results show that noise factor doesn't equal to (...)
It is simply due to limitation of small signal noise analysis in frequency domain. We can never get reliable result of phase noise for small offset frequency. This is true for any vendor's simulator such as Agilent ADSsim, Agilent GoldenGate, Cadence spectre, Synopsys HSPICE, Mentor Eldo, etc. See the followings. www.designers-guide.o
Which tool? PSpice/spectre/...
Hi, I have designed CDS circuit. As given in literature, CDS reduce Flicker noise and sampling noise / KT/C noise. I know that, we can calculate KT/c through Transient noise simulation in spectre. But, Please, let me know how can we simulate 1/f noise reduction through CDS
I hava a trouble:sad: I want to do noise analysis of the SC circuits. I can use spectre, but I cannot use spectreRF since we don't have the license. Does someone have any idea? I can use HspiceRF. Can HspiceRF simulate noise analysis of SC circuits? If someone knows, Please tell me!
Hi guys, I've gotten something unsure about noise factor. Hope for help here. The noise Factor is defined as below. N = (Na+G*Ns)/(G*Ns). Different Ns produces different N. And in Cadence spectre, the noise source is usually a port. The impedance of the port provides the thermal noise 4kTRB V^2, (...)
Hello guys, Regarding phase noise simulation of oscillators: which tool (spectreRF - PSS/Pnoise analysis or GoldenGate) provides the most accurate results? Is there any material comparing the performance of both tools? Mathematically: do they compute the phase noise in a different way? Thank you (...)
I want to know the noise of a CDS circuit. But the frequency domain noise simulation is not suitable in CDS circuits. how can I analyze and simulate the noise in CDS circuit? spectre or hspice is preferred thanks!
Hey Id like to do a phase noise analysis with cadence virtuoso. In my pss analysis the estimated frequency (direct plot harmonic frequency) does not match to the beat frequendy ive entered in the simulation set up file. to set up the simulation i followed the spectre rf workshop. what could be the problem there? (...)
Dear all, How to simulate PLL loop filter noise by cadence spectre? I used 3ord LPF in PLL. As attached figure, dashed lines are resistors noise in LPF and solid lines are output noise after transfer function. Who can help me about LPF noise simulation by cadence (...)