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Specify hierarchical name, e.g. I1.I2.I3.n7 save I0.I_pll_es1.pres_in I0.I_pll_es1.pres_out See result of "spectre -h save".
Hi are you using spectre or eldo?
Hi all, I am relatively new to spectre MDL and have a question that I have been unable to find any documentation about. Here is the problem. I have a main netlist which contains the following analyses:- tran1 tran stop=2m errpreset=conservative save=allpub infotimes= infoname=traninfo actimes= acnames= traninfo info wha
Hi, By default spectre doesn't save all currents. To save currents: Outputs > To Be saved > Select On Schematic - click on terminals of interest. After simulation you'll be able to plot currents of selected terminals.
Oh, sorry. I'm using spectre. Thanks.
Dose anybody know how to simulate the dc current with spectre in cadence? I can only see the voltage of every net, and can not see the DC current. Thanks!
Hello everyone, I am confused how can i plot the operation point parameters with sweep variable in spectre? For example, how to plot transconductance of a MOSFET versus Vgs? Thank you so much As i know, use the belowing: set vgs as a variable, sweep vgs, set plot as OP("/M0","gm")
Hi, I created a schematic in spectre Cadence.Its modular and has hierarchy.I saved all the currents using the << save all >>options. Is there any way to plot all the currents in the design?
Hi, Does anyone know with spectre how to (without using the stupid ocean script) print a transient result into a data file, using simply, like just a "print" command? I look through the spectre Manual, but couldn't find that capability. Don't know why it's that difficult with spectre. I used to use Mentor Graphics' Eldo, their manual (...)
Hello !!! Can who offer decision of the problem? I cannot save the currents of circuit in spectre of Affirma! I select in "save all" - save currents all ! On all the trys displayed of results in WaveScan, The CIW printed -> astiCancelSelect(hiGetCurrentWindow()) (...)
Hi, I am running top level simulations and being challenged by long simulation times. I need to run many sims, but they all have a common programming phase in the beginning What I would like to do is simulate this common programming phase once and then save the operating points for all the nodes. Then, for (...)
brothers: In tran simulate ,how can i see the current on the resister?? thanks.
Hi all, How can I add a digital vector stimulius file in spectre? And what kind of format can the simulation results of spectre save as? Thanks & Best Regards Analog_starter
Hi all, I am using spectre to simulate switched capacitor type differential opamp using PSS and PAC for the AC reponse. However, after the simulation there is an error: No "VF" data for node "/OUTP" No "VF" data for node "/OUTN" when I want to display the waveform. Do I miss some point or any setting need to display the waveform? Plea

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