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Hi all, Could someone tell me how many clock cycles are needed to measure the peak to jitter. What about the BER to use ?
Hi all, Is it possible to plot the Random jitter (jitter that is described by a Gaussian probability distribution, characterized by its standard deviation) using spectrerf ? Thanks in advance.
i take the same way for vco ,but failed!!! need your help! thanks!
Hi ,everyone : Does anyone konw how to calculate or simulate the jitter of LVDS's receiver ? hi, i think, spectrerf can help you to do it by using pss and pnoise. good luck. jeff
Hello, I have done the noise analysis of my VCO with spectrerf and got the plot of Phase noise Vs. offset freq. (w.r.t the carrier).How can I arrive at the jitter value for this corresponding phase noise plot?How do I get the value of the offset freq. for which I need to integrate the phase noise curve to calculate the jitter?Please (...)
please fefer to spectrerf guide
hello all, What is the way of measuring/simulating the longterm jitter for an VCO/PLL. I beleive the Eyediagram from transient analysis is a very bad idea of getting the jitter values. Is that modelling is the only option left for us to know the jitter of a pll/vco? Is that the phase noise simulation using the (...)
also PFD& CP phase noise & time jitter simulation in cadence! thx
refer to openbook about spectrerf
Hi to all, I want to specify the edge-to-edge jitter of a frequency divider. I have read the paper of Ken Kundert "Predicting the Phase noise and jitter of PLL - based synthesizers" (can be found at ) which suggests the use of pnoise analysis in spectrerf and specifically the timedomain noise feature (also known as strob
Maybe you should measure the jitter of the VCO at locked status to decide whether the loss of data is attributed the phase noise of VCO. You should definitively simulate the phase noise of the VCO. You can use PSS option of the simulator spectrerf for fast buggeting of the phase noise of VCO. The simulation result is normally not so accurate. B