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Hi, I am using HB analysis in spectrerf to design a kind of mixer. To do effective HB analysis, I use Transient-Aided Option>Run transient>Decide Automatically. However, I can't find 'Decide Automatically' option as below. Please, let me know what's wrong. 114556
Hi You can find design workshop for mixer at spectrerf manual in MMSIM folder or just by clicking on "help" button in cadence virtuoso. In this workshop you'll find information about simulation key parameters of mixer/lna/vco.
I have a /4 divider ahead of the mixer. I wanna know how to set the simulation station in spectrerf environment. Use QPSS or PSS? What's the value of fundamental frequency? Best thanks!
I am trying to simulate a current-mode mixer which simply consists of quad switching pairs. At first I used isource at the input. But when I want simulate the mixer's distortion performances, e.g. IIP2, IIP3.. with spectrerf, I need to replace isource with power based PORTs. The problem is my circuit input is driven by current, and I need to (...)
Hello, everyone I have design a up-conversion mixer, IF=400MHz,LO=2600MHz and RF=2200MHz. I want to use PSS+PAC to simulation mixer IIP3 follow "spectrerf User Guide", and find a question when set PAC simulation"Array of indices" Because I set fundamental tone of 200MHz, Lo at 2.6GHz, and two IF tones at 400MHz and
Dear all When i simulated the gilbert mixer to get the IIP3 with spectrerf. I used the QPSS & QPAC to try to get the IIP3. I setted Sweep Range: -70 dBm-> 10dBm Sweep type: Linear and No of the Steps = 15 But the software always didn't finish the simulation. it stopped at the 11th point.
Hi! I'm simulating a mixer IP3 with PSS+PAC. Please, explain me how to calculate the sidebands in PAC analysis ?
I am simulating the noise figure of a mixer. The test schematic is as shown in the first figure. The circuit in front of the mixer, models the LNA. I am checking the noise of the mixer as referred to LNA input. Since this is for direct conversion architecture I am looking at NFdsb. I am checking noise using pnoise analysis of (...)
Hello, I am trying to simulate the front-end, which includes LNA, mixer, OSCILLATOR and LO buffer. Just wonder whether it is possible to get the gain, NF and IIP3 using The spectrerf manual has the example using a port/vsin for the LO, but if the port is replaced with an LC oscillator, how to set it up ? Thanks
I’m going to make a fully differential passive mixer (ring mixer architecture) . Now I must make a simulation about conversion Gain (in the passive mixer this ideal value is -4 db). I setup the PSS/PAC analysis follow the spectrerf Application Note and a “LAB2_mixer_Tutorial”. The problem (...)
Dear all, I design a LNA + low IF mixer. I have combined them and do the voltage gain simulation using spectrerf. I use PSS + PAC to get the voltage gain result. However, it gives out a strange result. Actually, I need to set the RF input port PAC Magnitude in a certain value for simulation. If I give different magnitude, the voltage gain is dif
Dear all, I am doing dual up conversion mixer simulation using spectrerf simulator. However, I do not know the setting of NF and voltage gain simulation. I hope you could give me a step for reference. My simulation input is as follow: RF input: DC with a band from 0 ~ 250MHz (the RF input signal is DC and up converted to the r
Hiii, How to plot the conversion gain and noise figure as a function of LO square wave amplitude in specter? thanks in advance..... Use PSS/Pnoise of spectrerf with sweep of LO amplitude.
Hi all, I've got a problem while simulate passive mixer with spectrerf. I've already read the mixer simulation example in spectrerf.pdf and there's an example for active mixer with LO in sinewave But my question is .. I have a passive mixer and using square wave LO, I don't know (...)
Dear all, I have some questions about the simulation result of the mixer. I hope anyone could clarify my problems. Thanks In my receiver design, I have two down conversion mixer. Mix1 is low IF and Mix2 is zero IF. I am using spectrerf simulator in QPSS + QPNoise. Questions: 1) Actually, the simulated NF is SSB or (...)
it's been a while since I did it, I think you need to run ac first then do phase-noise analysis. They had step by step of howto various devices like VCO LNA mixer in spectrerf manual. You can also consult that as well.
In the cdsdoc spectrerf documents, you can find step by step simulation tutorials using ADE. For more detailed RF design methodology, you can refer to cadence RF design kit which includes a complete WLAN RF reference design.
In spectrerf manual, it talks about setting 1 or -1 because it can be up/down conversion.
no one knows what you wan to express yourself. what do u want to simu? Sorry , In mixer simualtion , I want to simulation LO-RF feedthrough by cadence spectrerf. But I don't know how to do it .I can't find this part simulation method in spectrerf manual . So I hope someone can help me . thanks
How can i simulate for the transconductance of my Gilbert mixer?? I can use QPSS analysis(spectrerf analysis). When i click on the Transconductance option it is asking " Select the numerator output instance terminal" --> I clicked on the node of the port. The error occured flashing "res/PLUS is not a kept output" ?? I dont understand wha