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Hi, Going to use Cadence spectrerf to check DCDC buck converter AC characteristic (gain margin, phase margin, crossover frequency). Any reference? or tutorial to use spectrerf for DCDC? I think I have to use PAC (periodic AC) analysis in spectrerf analysis setting but I have no idea how to create DCDC testbench and (...)
Hello, IŽd like to do a cosimulation between cadence and simulink to simulate my low-level design within my simulink model. I did all the settings (as described in the Co-simulation with spectrerf Matlab/Simulink tutorial), so all paths have been set correctly. And the spectrerf engine is found in my simulink model file. In the ADE (...)
Hi members, The Cadence VCO workshop using mmsim 6.1 has an additional paragraph if compared to the new VCO workshop that utilizes the mmsim 6.2 version. I'm studying that document coz in the last paragraph there is a step by step tutorial showing how to draw bodes curves using spectrerf. I followed the instruction but I couldn't plot the bo
I’m going to make a fully differential passive mixer (ring mixer architecture) . Now I must make a simulation about conversion Gain (in the passive mixer this ideal value is -4 db). I setup the PSS/PAC analysis follow the spectrerf Application Note and a “LAB2_Mixer_tutorial”. The problem is the reliability of the results. I saw
Can anyone tell me the procedure or show me the link/tutorial......etc about SC-cmfb simulation? How to simulate common mode Loop gain and phase margin of the ota with SC-cmfb? thanks in advance.
i can't quite set the initial conditions for my colpitts oscillator, i think. i am using cadence. ii can't get ithe oscillator to oscillate. i am following the tutorial on VCO using spectrerf (VCO533AN.pdf), the pss analysis doesn't yield results, i don't know what i am doing wrong. can somebody help me?
you can simulate the vco using spectrerf, pss, pnoise, etc. this links is a detailed
check this link , it is cadence tutorial khouly
check this link it is cadence tutorial khouly
Anybody have a good tutorial on how to do high speed digital design in cadence spectre RF ? like generating eye diagrams, generating PBRS signals, checking input referred noise and so on. for fiber optic, backplane applications (high speed digital 1gb/s - 40gb/s) thanks !