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Hi, I am trying to transmit signals using ADF7242 at 2.4 Ghz. The chip supports IEEE 802.15.4 std. I would like to see the signal strength of the received signal and it's bandwidth. I don't have a spectrum analyzer! The next choice was to use some wifi spectrum analyzer app but wifi follows IEEE 802.11 (...)
Hi, my question is simple. Will this homebrew spectrum analyzer outperform the FFT of the HP-54520A, in terms of: 1. dynamic range. 2. input sensitivity.
Hello, because of space limitation, I want to buy a USB oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. My main interest is at HF work, so 30MHz analogue bandwidth at least. a 100-200MHz would be better so as to be able to measure harmonics as well. Which ones would you suggest for: 100-200MHz analogue bandwidth. scope combined with (...)
which would of course read 3 DB on a power meter or spectrum analyzer face!
Hello everybody, i'm new in the forum. I have a fundamental doubt and I can not get over it. If I measure a sine on a spectrum analyzer, how I can measure it's bandwidth? Let's suppose a have a Gaussian shape with a certain 3db bandwidth; my problem is that if I change the frequency window, resolution and sampling (...)
Hi, Allow me to ask a simple question that I cannot figure out. If the input wave form to spectrum analyser is as below. What would be the output waveform with respect to the resolution bandwith setting? Besides, which kind of tools is easiest to go above test? Thanks! Best regards,116554
Hello all. As titled, what is the input impedance ? Is there any impedance chart/plot of any ATSC modern television tuner antenna input that you may let me know/refer/link to ? Or any ATSC tuner module schematic diagram, please ? TV tuners have been always designed to match the input line impedance over the ful
you need to set the spectrum analyzer to a 100 KHz resolution bandwidth. period. that is the spec. if they wanted it measured in a 30 hz bandwidth they would have written that as the spec. If you are having trouble with the noise floor of your spectrum analyzer, filter/null out the (...)
What exactly is the type of modulation in the DSSS? the amount of "power" contained in a broad bandwith can "appear" to be different when viewed on a spectrum analyzer set to a narrow resolution bandwidth. For instance, FSK is a contant envelope signal and can appear to be bigger than QAM if captured in a small resolution bandwith. (...)
spectrum analyzers are useful for Bode Plots with synchronous FM to sweep similar to a Network analyzer but less powerful. For RF it is used for THD, IMD, 3rd Order Intercept on power output distortion, SNR, CNR, FM deviation, Spectral bandwidth of any modulation, linear or log-log display, Phase noise, output power vs (...)
How can we define the sensitivity of a spectrum analyzer ? is it same as that of normal receiver and can anybody write the equation.
Well....what they want is for you to insure that low frequencies out of your band are below -55 dBm/MHz. i.e. you set a spectrum analyzer to a resolution bandwidth of 1 MHz, and sweep from 5000 to 5850, and you should not see the trace go above -55 dBm at any frequency. So the first thing you do is set up your system to transmit normally (...)
Hello,all, Pls. help to advise how about the phoise noise of my PLL. Three loop bandwidth have been tried and attached,5K,10K and 20K,and the actual bandwidth in spectrum analyzer is much wider. Different bandwidth different phase noise,and even the lock time. How about the three curves,please (...)
not many noise sources have enough output power. I agree. Even if you amplify the signal, the "signal" power in the given measurement bandwidth (spectrum analyzer BW) is only a very small fraction of the total noise power. Let's assume you have a noise source followed by a nice power amplifier, with total
why in spectrum analyzer bandwidth settings it is preferable the relation between Resolution bandwidth (RBW) & Video bandwidth (VBW) to be 1/3 ? means if the RBW is 30 KHz , it is preferable to have VBW with 10 KHz . and if VBW filter is a Low passfilter , why lowering the value will slow down the speed (...)
I know that the concept of negative frequencies seems to be absurd. I have been searching for the answer for quite a long time. One answer that I mostly saw was that it was because of the Euler's theorem. But now I have another reason- Here's one real negative frequency as given in Proakis- There are two waves
Hello guys, I’m designing a simple ring oscillator. I’m going to measure the phase noise and the output voltage swing of this oscillator. Can I use the spectrum analyzer to see and measure the output voltage swing? Can I see time-domain signal? (Or I'll be able to see only the frequency domain?). Thanks very
It's like the difference between a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. The wide angle shows you a large field but with less resolution. The telephoto gives you more detail, but you have to take more pictures to see the same area you saw with the wide angle. The spectrum analyzer takes a picture of a portion of RF spectru
One of 3 things is going on... 1) The spur is very narrowband, and the sweep time you are using is not allowing the spur's true energy to be measured. The spectrum analyzer sweeps by before the resolution bandwidth filter responds fully. 2) The spur (especially the one at marker 3) is not really a cw tone spur, but a broad noise source. (...)
Assumptions: easily available and cheap components FFT analysis, measurement of frequency amplify, bandwidth control Software: Written in C, about 7kB. It was written optimally. Hardware: Hardware of this device is also fair