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I am a Electrical engineer and have over 3 and half years of experience of professional PCB Designing.I gained wide exposure on all aspects of PCB layout expertise is on Altium Designer, Eagle,PADS,P-CAD and Allegro. I worked with many local and international clients and hands on experience of working on high speed design,high de
1) the DAC comes in three different speed grades, THATS what's going to determine the required FPGA clock 2) you also have to be concerned about your pixel clock. All three are related. But not sure I understand the question. You are creating your own VGA interface? You need some complex code. 3) there are layout guidelines in the data sheet.
Hi , I am trying to drive an IC ( usb2.0 host controller) with fpga. The IC i am using, is FT313H from FTDI there anybody who had been work with FT313H? ( i want to know the maximum rate of transfering of this chip in reality not in theorical ( The theorical is 480 mbps)). 2.what is best ic ( usb2.0 host controller) in the case of
Hi, I assume high voltage spikes cause the fail. (Caused by wiring and stray inductance) Therefore we need to see your PCB layout. GND plane. Urgent for high speed high current switching. And there is no capacitor at 12V line. You need at least one low ESR bulk capacitor and I recommend an additional fast capacitor at each MOSFET_source. What s
Any suitable high speed opamp should do the job for you. It sounds like you have some layout/construction problems.
can anyone pls explain some of the circuit principles affected by layout such as speed, power, noise & area??? Thank you!!! :)
i am new to this PCb design field, I have few doubts as i started working on High speed designs, 1. Routing DDR3 signals on top layer instead of inner layer which one is preferred, in my design it is on top and bottom layer. what is the advantage? 2. Address and clock on separated layer, data on other layer what i can do if there is no space to
What is the best practice PCB layout wise WRT ground planes under high speed isolators? We're not supposed to run a high speed line/trace over a split ground plane (EMI wise), however the plane needs to be split for isolation. Assume the following: 1) 4 layers are available 2) Isolation barrier required between isolated high (...)
Hi, I am working on high-speed PCB and I am new in this field. According to design routing guide I need to know what is trace 3x units Dielectric actually means It is spacing from other signals but I am confused in 3x Please se the attached photo 125511
hi I want to learn and design professional High speed PCB Boards for FPGA etc. I have a work experience on Orcad 16 layout 16 and have designed RF Power Amplifier PCB's up-to 2GHz using ADS. What are the leaning steps involved and which tool is required (Altium, PCB Editor etc)? Do i need to follow any book on Signal Integrity? Regards
If u google tools for SI analysis u will get multiple results. Cadence -allegro-PCS SI-Sigrity Mentor Graphics Altium How much complex u r board is, what are the interfaces are , speed of the interfaces, Type of analysis u r doing..etc will determine your SI tools requirement. There are multitude of free tools like LTSpice TINA-TI few things fo
hello, I want to design basic DDR RAM. So anybody can give the answer? I need the information about basic DDR RAM. Such as ....... What we need to design a DDR RAM. Basic layout design. schematic design. smallest area. highest speed. lowest power. Actually I need the brief explanation. than
Hi all, I have a question regarding HDMI layout: I have a HDMI board I need to layout, this board has just two connector: one connector is to my main board, and the other is a HDMI connector(i.e. this is a HDMI adapter board). In your professional opinion, if I don't match the lines to 100 ohms will this cause the HDMI to fail? Consider that
We are a professional design house engaged in schematic and pcb layout , with a number of years of hardware engineers who have wealth of high-speed multilayer circuit board PCB design experience. We services Enterprise PCB outsourcing, individual developers, students with PCB layout ,SI simulation and manufacturing . Tools: (...)
You don't need trace impedance matching for low-speed signals like E1 (2 MB/s) over moderate distances.
116569I designed Charge pump like attached image. When UP signal is turn on (width 100ps) current of pink color node switching quite properly. but problem is that mirroring current of UP current(blue color node) is not fast switching. so how can i increase switching speed of bule color node current?? i want to in
I am a QC person, I have one doubt about back drill, we have high speed signals list, and all signals are manually checking back drill with back drill chart. If any report is found to take signal wise report for back drill. kindly please inform anybody, thanks, karthik
Synopsis use something like this The pattern has the centroid inverse weight (1,2) with guarding (3) and sidebands 4~9 The weighted average improves accuracy from 10 to 12 bits and reduced size improves speed into microwave DAC speeds. It is like decimating a 1 D filter into 2D
Hello, I'd like to learn how to layout high frequency boards (specifically high speed serial - low GHz range). I don't have a preferred capture/layout package, but want to do this at home so need a low cost one. I have seen a number of packages, such as KiCAD, DesignSpark and soon CircuitMaker, but am not sure how easy they are to use (...)
Hi all I need to pass high speed clock through long layout routing and i want my dutycycle to be in minimum variation. I am using buffers for this. But across the corners duty cycle varies heavily. Is ther any special care to be taken care in the layout.. thanks