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Do you have any wifi adapter module or datasheet? The interfacing depends on what communication to use. UART, spi, I2C. PIC16f877A and PIC16F887 is commonly used, that enough to use UART, spi or I2C.
Dear all I m trying to communicate two 16f877 PICs with spi protocol. And USART is used to display the received data from the slave. But my program is not working. I used variable Y=7 in master and send it to slave and then read it from USART. here is my code. Master // code for spi master void main() { trisc.f3=0;
We recently used a Stollmann BlueMod B20 in a similar application. You can interface it in a number of ways, e.g. USB, UART, spi, etc. We used UART as the simplest, see the hardware manual for details you control it via AT commands, see
spi Communication between two pic 16f877
its simple to use serial interfce (USART). it need only two pins. if you don't know ablout the interfaces like serial, spi or I2C. connect any IO port of the two ICS and transfer data as your using it for a switch or LED. which c compiler you are using.
check these topics Connecting 2 PIC16F876A via I2C, and testing in MPLAB Communication between PIC 16f877 and PIC 16f877 spi communication b/w master-slave PICs PIC 2 PIC Master/Slave
you can use the pic16f877 and c.i 74ls595 wich is a converter spi, you can use many of this c.i are very interesting
I can not comunicate 2 16f877 in spi mode; Is there any one whit an example working. Tanks in advance.
Here's my version of universal board: all ports on separate 10-pin headers with pull-ups/pull-downs (jumper), integrated max232 and USB connector, DC plug with 7805 and 4 multiplexed spi connectors and an ICSP (RJ12) plug. Board can be powered either from USB, DC plug or ICSP But, there are two design errors to fix: 1. DB9 connector was routed
Hi, my buddy and I are embarking on a small project that includes the demonstration of the spi interfacing capability of the 16f877. I fully appreciate if you have a sample code to share that sends 2 bytes in succession via spi. Thank you! Added after 38 minutes: Oh I'm using HITECH C-Compiler....
You might also note that 16f877(a) has 8 times the codespace of 16F84. Additional hardware present at 16f877(a): Timers, spi, I2C, Capture, Compare, PWM ,Voltage Reference Module ... best regards
I am afraid you can not extend the code memory of a PIC 16f877. You could for example if you have lots of strings in your program put these strings in an external eeprom which can be acessed via I2C or spi bus. You would have to get the string whenever it is required from external EEPROM. I have no idea if your application allows this. Anothe