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hello , i have use At89s8253 interface with enc28j60 to pc directly using straight cable, as per saying in mikroC 8051 spi ethernet example. the code is below. my problem is, when i use browser and give ip given in code which is 192.168. , it won't load page written in microcontroller (my pc is windows xp 32 bit, i have give it static ip :19
Section 7.5.1 of the data sheet shows how to use two 8-bit exchanges to achieve a 16-bit exchange. Don't forget that every spi operation is an exchange. Therefore you need to start by writing a value to the spi master that will contain the correct bits to request a read, , pick up the value just received, (...)
The Proteus MMC/SD card simulation works fine with a FAT32 image. The initialization of the MMC card is a bit different to that of a SD card but can be incorporated into your code. It probably does not work with the mikroE library because it does not initialize a MMC card. ;Set card select and data high ;Send 80 spi clock cycles to put in S
add SSPCON1=0; in the beginning of the while loop also. Did you remove SSPCON1 from the main code ? Sorry, but your suggestions are completely wrong. SSPCON1 will be written once during initialization and usually not touched any more in spi operation. Review PIC18 datasheet! The post #1 code looks right at first sight, didn'
Hello, I need a 6,5 inch LCD screen (8:3 aspect ratio) to one of my projects. The only one I?ve found in stock is display used in devices like HP Jornada handhelds - SHARP LM7M632 (maybe someone knows other display sized like this with higher resolution and simpler protocol like spi?). It uses a little bit outdated technology called CSTN. This i
Although you say it's 12 bits maybe the packet is 16, either arbitrarily (from the controller) or for some cause like start/stop/parity/8b10b bit overhead. Simple reason, spi frame length is a multiple of 8 bits by protocol specification.
Hello! There are many things to be better explained. 1. What kind of switch is it? Is this device external to MSP430? If yes, how tis it controlled? By one bit (GPIO)? By spi? etc... 2. If you provide a timing chart describing exactly what you want to do, it would be quite easier to reply. 3. There are expressions that need to be better expl
It could well be that it is simplest to bit-bang an spi interface to get the correct timings, especially for the SDI BSYNC signal when you need to send 2 values. For 1 value the BSYNC signal can be handled using a framing pulse. Alternatively perhaps the configuration described in Section 7.4.4 might let you use an inverted but otherwise traditiona
Hi, I am trying to configure a Si4455 RF chip from TICC3200 using spi, and having a bit of trouble with getting the appropriate response from the Si4455. I have done the following and also followed the sequence as explained in datasheet, to read response from the Si4455. As mentioned in the datasheet w.r.t Fig(1) below, i.e. Make CS low send
wtf? spi slave shall be done by pin change interrupt!
No difference. spi_Write used twise will shift out 16 bit to MOSI pin anyway.
So could you tell me how to proceed? I made a search on the Web for ready-to-use codes by using the criteria "C+library+spi.H", and it is odd that did not result in so useful websites. The only place where it was possible to quickly find some libraries with bit handshaking it was exactly on the Microchip's websi
I could find defintion of spiCRM anywhere. May be it is from uvm_test I think learning how to read code should be your first educational objective. Without knowing the definition of spiCRM, the discussion is mostly pointless. It's easy to guess that data is an array of bit vectors, but you should really review the original defin
I find this IC a bit strange and messy. I would expect this type of IC to have a digital interface so we can communicate with it via spi, I2C or some other interface. If you think so, you have chosen the wrong chip. ADI has both, accelerometers with analog and digital interfaces, simply review
Hi Friends, I couldn't give a valid reason to someone who had asked me this. Why can't spi be standardized to one CPOL and CPHA? having 4 different modes creates more chaos. Is there any logical reason for which these four modes exist. Compared to spi, other protocols like I2C, UART or CAN have their physical layer protocol well defined.
EEPROM internal or external? If external, which interface is used? spi? I2C?
Hai, I recently interfaced the DAC mcp 4921 with pic16f877a microcontroller using spi. THE Process is working fine, when i given the input directly to DAC (ie : value as 600 without using forloop). but if i given the input using for loop and adding each time value 100 using macros the output suddenly increasing... I found little bit
Some information is missing. What's the intended PC to SD interface? spi or 4-bit SD? If it's SD, do you also use SD-interface for the ?C? Otherwise the SD Card must be reinitialized each time you switch the access. A possible solution could be a hardware mux that signals SD busy state while the ?C is accessing the card. Would not necessarily ne
Hi, * Read datasheet of 595 about voltage and timing * Read PIC datasheet spi section (If you PIC donīt have spi, then read about software bit bing spi) * Now you should be able to draw a schematic * This is discussend many times in this forum. Please do a search "PIC 595". * Read through the threads * Try to find a (...)
Hi Our project requires an MCU to communicate with a device over the spi. The budget for the end product is very tight and MCUs with embedded spi are slightly expensive. Is it possible (easily) to implement spi programmatically? Data rate is irrelevant, a few kbps will do. Thank you