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Been working on this for months now, learning from scratch all about programming in C, MCUs, spi, Registers, and now the nRF24 module. I looked at hundreds of codes (I learn through trial and error - get a working code then learn about every part about it by trying things here and there). I finally got to get the spi working (...)
Hello, I am using pic32mx795f512l and i am trying to code for external eeprom (25LC256) to store the last value of LED. I want to use spi communication for EEPROM. I need sample code to done this. Please help me with some sample code. Thanks in advance
I am making a project to find active and reactive value using sa9904 ic with pic16f1939 via spi protocol. Please give me full code to complete my project ,...... if you look at microchip's code examples you will find code for using spi with PIC16 devices als
Hi, Would think, though have never tried them, using the USART to send the program code to a Bootloader in the
I Converted this microchip sample code to mikroC code but it is not working. What is the problem? //Project: Port Expander //MCU: PIC16F877A //Clock: 8 MHz //Author: Jayanth Devarayanadurga #define I2CMODE 1 #define spiMODE 0 #define WrtCmd 0
I have been trying to program for spi communication using the header file provided by microchip.But I am unable to do so.I cant exactly understand how to utilizre the function.Could someone post some sample code that has worked using spi header file spi.h have you looked at microchip's (...)
the SA9903b uses an spi interface, have a read so a web search for "PIC16 spi" it will give you links to example code
have you looked at microchip's spi example code for the PIC18 on
I have been trying to program for spi communication using the header file provided by microchip.But I am unable to do so.I cant exactly understand how to utilizre the function.Could someone post some sample code that has worked using spi header file spi.h which PIC are you using?
Hello All, If anybody has already worked on PIC18F67J60 spi kindly share the code. (I want to interface Ethernet, WIFI, EEPROM through spi)
You can search for external Flash @ EEPROM chip that connect with spi @ I2C. Ex, at microchip website you can see the memory product.
Hello, Am interfacing the MRF24j40 microchip rf transceiver with pic 18f4685 with mode 0,0 and Fosc/16, and SMP at END. But i cant find the CLK at the SCK line while running the test program. Here i attached the code. Kindly go through the find the bug. What i have to do with the /ss pin?
hello, I need to interface MRF24j40 microchip rf transceiver which works in spi protocol with my micro controller 89v51rd2. Any body have spi sample c code for this controller. It will be useful for me. Thanks in advance. Regards, Anand.V
see this link compiler is MPLAB IDE with CCS CCS :: View topic - MCP6S28/1/2/5/8 PGA code Here is the pdf for interfacing PIC with PGA through spi Also see the application section of the data sh
By the way, you only do SPLLEN=0; //PLLX4 DES //SPLLEN=0b0; //PLLX4 DES as well as the rest having 0bXX,
Why use an 8255? What is the make and model of the 8051 variant you are using in the design? If your particular 8051 does not have a hardware spi interface you could always bit-bang the spi interface. The following appnote covers both hardware and software interfacing an 8051 with a spi Serial
check this it has sample code at the end....
does the microchip device have a chip select input? If so, leave it active between sending bytes. If it does not work you can always bit bang the spi data. (look at avr320.asm) rw_spi: ldi temp,16 ;init loop counter to 16 bits ;ldi temp,8 ;use THIS line instead if 8-bit desired ; spi_loop: lsl (...)
If you are using the C18 compiler, look in the directory. mcc18/src/pmc_common/spi In 'mcc18/h' directory you will find 'spi.h'
spi Communication between two pic 16f877
Howdy men and women, I've developed a simple music box, with timer interrupts outputting square waves (2-channel polyphonic) and another timer for timing the duration of these waves (notes). I'm drawing data out of the EEPROM I have in that circuit through spi for the frequency and the duration values to the microcontroller so that it won't e
Hi gomathig, I’ve never done PIC before, but I think that if you have even the slightest idea about what uC, spi, ASM and C means, besides being letters in the alphabet, you’d be able to “write” (read “copy”) all the code you need in no time. microchip’s web site is bursting with application (...)
Hi, i am new to vhdl. I am provided with a spartan3 fpga. After sourcing for an ADC(10 bit), i have selected the microchip (MCP3002) which requires spi. I am a bit confused on how to start. I've tried reading vhdl code but it doesnt make sense to me. On the ADC datasheets, i know that i need SCK,CS,Din,Dout. What confuses me is on the (...)
hello sir, i need spi programe on pic 18f series any body have that programe send my mail
Hi I need a driver for ENC28j60 that can work with all rev no. 4, 5 and 7. I test the microchip enc28j60 driver with an AVR with spi @ 8MHZ, but it isn't really stable when I get a frame, usually I read the bytes to read in the enc28j60 header, bigger than than normal packet, the microchip code test this and if happen (...)
I have ENC28J60-H ETHERNET CONTROLLER DEVELOPMENT BOARD from Das anyone have working examples ohnly TCP protocol for spi-bus ENC28J60 for PIC18 controllers? How many sockets can I open? Thanks.
Hi, hi, could someone help me out with a c-code for a connection between 2 pic 18f442 in the spi mode? thx For Which C Cross Compiler? Regards Rahul Sanghavi
u can try the Application Maestro code generator from microchip which generates C or Assembly For the spi it generates in Assembly only
If you just want to read a databyte from an spi device you must write one (dummy) databyte for every databyte you want to read. spi reads and writes at the same time as there are seperate datalines for IN and OUT. See my small C example (for microchip PIC) below. do { SSPBUF=0x00; // write dummy value to start register shift