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In the code I see that TC72 CS pin and Serial_LCD_CLK pins uses the same RA5 pin. In PIC12F you don't have sufficient pins to interface Serial LCD, TC72 and dac. You have to use a PIC with sufficient pins. In the dac code link it uses hardware spi. So, only CS pin is defined. THE SDO, SDI and CLK pins of (...)
Hai, I recently interfaced the dac mcp 4921 with pic16f877a microcontroller using spi. THE Process is working fine, when i given the input directly to dac (ie : value as 600 without using forloop). but if i given the input using for loop and adding each time value 100 using macros the output suddenly increasing... (...)
Hi all, How to interface a 16bit dac with spi port with HMI or with PLC. Thanks and regards Itp
Try this: digitalWrite (slaveSelectPin, LOW); spi.transfer (highByte (commandPlusData)); spi.transfer (lowByte (commandPlusData)); digitalWrite (slaveSelectPin, HIGH); delay(80);
Although the protocol is not excatly spi, the device can be well driven by a spi master controller if you fill up the frame to 16 bit. Of course you don't need a dedicated spi interface and can perform port bit-banging instead, but the same is true for standard spi peripherals.
Every spi dac I have ever seen has a timing diagram somewhere in the datasheet, these are usually very simple devices (Clock, Data and a chip select). The I2C parts are a little more complex to bit bang but you save a pin. Regards, Dan.
hai everybody, i am looking for a dac ic with i2c/spi interface that will give 100mA current output , when i searched most of the ics will give only upto 20mA so if anyone knows dac that gives 100mA current output please help me
In a spi interface dac with sampline rate 100KSps, like the dac7654. How often should the data be written to the dac from a uC. The spi speed is usually in MHz. Do you write data, at say 1MHz. Do you have to wait for the dac to read out all the bytes or can you just (...)
part of code concerning dac 16 bits MAX541 ( C18 Mplab) #define Clock 0.25 // ?S at 16Mhz #define Ualim 5.00 #define ADC_Coeff 4.096/1024.0 // dac 16 bits spi ali=+5V output max==Vref=2.5V en DIP 8 #define MAX541 #ifdef MAX541 // VOut pin 1 // VR
Hello mehregan, The dac you have selected uses 3-Wire spi interface. In this 3-Wire spi mode you can only send data to your dac and cant read anything from your dac. Please make following connections: SDO pin of PIC to SDI pin of dac SDI pin of PIC to SDO pin of PIC (This (...)
895248952489523 Hello All, I am trying to interface dac MB86064 with FPGA, What I have understood from other posts is that I have to make control logic using FSM according to the data sheet of dac. It follows spi protocol. Can anyone please help me in what are the steps should I follow.
spi interface example
I need 8 dacs and I need that all 8 channel conversion time is maximal 1 microsecond. There are some 8 channel dacs which are spi, but conversion time from digital to analog is about 7-8 us... So, I wondered are there some 8 channel dac which could convert all channels in maximal 1us with spi serial (...)
It depends on the ADC. If it has an spi interface then u need an spi on the FPGA which u could find ready in EDK or on the internet ( If the ADC will be connected to the FPGA in parallel, then u don't need an interface u can just read the inputs directly. Other details on the operation of the ADC should be in (...)
hi.. ..i am a beginner and i tried to interface a msp430g2231 ic with the dac mcp 4812 in spi communication i gave the hardware connection as below msp430g2231 - mcp4812 P1.6------> SDI P1.5------>SCK P2.6------>CS GND---->Ldac and please check my code and tell me the mistakes. (...)
Hello, i am trying to have this circuit working. I have the Serial to Parallel Converter connected to the input pins of the dac (spi intead of just the parallel interface cause i prefer to use less pins of my microcontroller...). The dac is supplied by a DC DC converter (5 V -> +-12 V). I have already tested if everything is (...)
Hi, I am working on a project that interfaces a Virtex 5 with a high speed dac (AD9781). I will be controlling this dac through spi (serial port interface). At first I naively thought that I could just straight up connect my FPGA pins to the spi pins on the dac. Then (...)
I have used a MCP41010 single-channel digital potentiometer for generating sine waves up to 3KHz MCP41010 it has an spi interface so is easy to interface. Probably simpler and cheaper than a dac ?
Hi, i'm trying to do my project by using dspiC30f4011 to generate 5kHz 3 phase sine wave with PWM module. inputs are 2 variable voltage (0-5V) into ADC module then change float to integer and generate ramp signal to find the angle of input value then use park (Iα,Iβ?Id,Iq) and inverse clarke (Id,Iq?Ia,Ib,Ic) transform to get 3 phase sign
Joydeep, You seem to be using unbuffered opto signals to drive the spi interface. The edges will be quite slow and the dac can accept data rates up to 30MHz so I would certainly consider cleaning those up with a Schmitt buffers. It may not be the problem - there may be a software problem - you could test that by bypassing the optos and (...)