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give more details.... some I/O pins what ? did u connected to dedicated spi or just GPIO's which you want to emulate spi interface?
spi flash programming is pretty straightforward, but there may be a problem in your code though. Or you are inadvertently driving the write protect pin low.
Hi! i want to program multiple ICs--each with it's own code that is unlike the code on the other ICs. I need to be able to flash all five IC's from the single USBasp/spi six-pin connection, but I don't have a clue how. i just want to connect the usb asp to a computer and program any IC i want.......... all the IC's and the usb asp are fabricated
hi I'm working on Spartan 6 LX45 with CSG 324 package and have problem in programming. I use spi configuration but in IMPACT Software when i initialize and search for device chain i see an hardware error and no device can be detect . Is this error related to spi flash or FPGA ? I think if i disconnect (...)
Its called "production programmers". Google for it.For example,
Hello every one can any one help me in configuring Xilinx Platform flash in ML604 Virtex 6 board. I am doing all the things right but still error or failed programming appears... Actually when I am cliking the icon of flash (just above the icon of V6 FPGA) to select the Platform flash, only two options occur, (...)
I need a schematic hex and soft for programming the spi flash 25vf032 for bios of laptop
dear all i have FPGA spartan 3E development kit (starter kit) , this kit include spi Serial flash PROM starting (16Mbit storage area) and i need to store image on it - how can store data on it and what is type of the data (format)? - how can programming it ? - from the data sheet of kit , to programe the spi (...)
hi iam working on MSP430F4152 microcontroller. i want to test spi interface with the controller. can anyone suggest simple spi compatible slave with this controller.
FEATURES:  80C51 Central Processing Unit  5 V Operating voltage from 0 MHz to 40 MHz  16 kB of on-chip flash user code memory with ISP (In-System programming) and IAP (In-Application programming)  spi (Serial Peripheral Interface) and enhanced UART  PCA (Programmable Counter (...)
Hi, I see most use another micro controller with firmware for programming via spi. But I have not come across using hardware interface such as MAX3100 with programming tools like AVRStudio, or any other programmer to flash micro controller via spi. I would like to know about AVR / ISP Programmer (...)
hi all can any one tell me how to delete at89s51 memory through Serial programming mode(spi mode:MOSI,MISO,SCK lines) i read doc2487.pdf per that, i sent programming Enable command(0xAC,0x53,0x00) first and i get back (0x69).but my problem is i am not able to erase whole memory with the help of commands 0xAC,0x80,0x00,0x00. i confused in
hi i m trying to make 8051 microcontroller programming kit i got its circuit from "Easy-Downloader V2.0 for ATMEL 89C51/52/55 89S51/52 " is it right digram for this kit but i could't made 89c51 ez52.hex because it need spi downloader but i did't get spi downloader circuit diagram from this site can anybody help me
This ISP Programmer can be used either for in-system programming or as a stand-alone spi programmer for Atmel ISP programmable devices. The programming interface is compatible to STK200 ISP programmer hardware so the users of STK200 can also use the software which can program both the 8051 and AVR series devices. (...)
Hi everyone, I want to know for CC1010 chipcon chip, how to set it in programming mode using spi interface. Is it possible to program it using flash programmer, For that any need to be includeed? Please provide me this information. Thank u Kalpana
hi, guy. i facing a problem with the M25PE80(serial flash memory using spi). I cannt erase the data inside the M25PE80. i dunno whether is my programming problem or my schematic problem. BUT I can write and read from the M25PE80 but cannot erase data... this make me cannot rewrite the data.. I am using the assembly to program the AT8052 to (...)
Use the serial flash programmer, available on the . You can choose between programming by using the UART or by spi.
My friends i am in confusion I want to programm at89c51rd2 is it possible to do so with spi programmers for 89s51 etc